Application Invites Save the Planet Earth Hour

Commemorate Earth Hour this year which falls on March 26, 2011, may be more exciting. Annual Campaign World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), now there are cell phone applications.

Unfortunately, this application called 60 + is available for your iPhone. The WWF's goal is to create this application leads users to do the little things but have a major impact on the environment.

"This program further invites every man to do something that could save the earth every day, not just turn off their lights for one hour during Earth Hour," a spokesman for Leo Burnett Group, which helps WWF to develop 60 +.

Quoted from Mashable, Saturday (26/03/2011), how to work 60 + much like Geolocation based services where there is a list of things to do user (to-do and check-in).

Here, users will be detected positive action based on an ordered list of activities in the application. For example, using natural lighting, air conditioning settings, or install water-efficient shower.

Well, if the user has done many positive actions, they will get the award, which can later be shared to social networking.

Activities of users 60 + then recorded by the WWF to see the impact globally. More interestingly, the application is scheduled Game Center will soon have support so that users can perform a variety of activities competing save the earth. Interesting is not it?

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