Speck SeeThru Case for MacBook Air Review

The Speck SeeThru Case for MacBook Air is a lightweight and colorful way to protect your MacBook Air without adding considerable bulk or the need to carry an extra sleeve. The Speck SeeThru Satin comes in Clear, Cobalt (Blue) and Raspberry. If you prefer a less glossy finish, check out the SeeThru Satin MacBook Air covers from Speck which come in Black, Aubergine and Clementine. All of these cases retail for $49.95 from Speck.
The Speck SeeThru Satin MacBook Air case is similar to the cases that you may have seen on the MacBook Pro models and snaps into place on the top and bottom of your MacBook Air, protecting the top and the sides, while still leaving the ports open and accessible.

Size and Weight

The first question we heard when we shared that we would be reviewing the Speck SeeThru Satin MacBook Air case was how much weight and size did it add to the MacBook Air. This is an important question when dealing with a notebook that is lightweight and the target for thin notebooks. You can check out the side by side shots to see the additional thickness added to the MacBook Air with the Speck case installed, but suffice to say we didn’t notice the additional size or weight (9.1oz) in our daily use of the case.

As you can see, the added size is negligible, especially when you consider that this means you don’t need to carry around a sleeve or a bag.

Look and Feel

The finish of the Speck SeeThru MacBook Air cover is glossy, and we mean really glossy. As you can see in some of our pictures, the cover reflects enough that you can see what’s happening behind you  if you are looking head on. Some users will appreciate this high gloss, but we didn’t like that it is prone to finger prints and small scratches. From a foot or two away, you won’t notice the minute scratches, but up close you may notice them. The good news is that all of these tiny scratches would normally be wearing away at the MacBook Air’s finish. While the MacBook Air and Pro series have a fairly durable finish, some old MacBook Pro models look like someone took steel wool to them because of all the little scratches over time.
If you are concerned about the gloss, fingerprints or small scratches, pick up the Matte version of this case, the SeeThru Satin MacBook Air cover which looks incredibly nice and has a bit more of a grownup feel to it, especially the black.
The glossy Speck SeeThru case does add one more thing to your MacBook Air, grip. With the case on you’ll feel a little more confident when holding it.


This isn’t an Otterbox case so you won’t want to treat the MacBook Air like it is unbreakable. That said, the case will protect the entire exterior of your MacBook Air from scratches and should handle the occasional bump. The most noticeable benefit, in terms of protection, is that you’ll finally feel like you can take the kid gloves off and toss this in your bag or in the backseat for short trips. In terms of portability, this means you’ll feel better about leaving the power cord and your bag at home and walking to the coffee shop or class with just your MacBook Air.

Fit and Function

The case snaps into place and holds well. We were initially concerned that we would notice the edges or the clips while using the MacBook Air, but after several days of all day use, we didn’t notice that the clips were there.
The only thing we did notice was that the small amount of extra weight did seem to make the MacBook Air’s display a bit quicker to open all the way or close. This isn’t a dealbreaker, but if you work in a car, on a bumpy road, often you should know that you’ll want to keep your MacBook Air open all the way to prevent screen movement.

The case has four covers that cover the small rubber feet on the bottom of your MacBook Air and add a bit of extra grip. These feet are larger and did a better job of keeping your MacBook Air in place. The new feet do raise the front edge of the MacBook air a small amount. Not enough that it disturbed our typing, but it is raised enough to notice.


Another nice feature is the ability to decorate your Mac anyway you want without leaving permanent damage. If you want to put stickers, a copy of your business card or pretty much anything on your MacBook Air the Speck cases give you a blank canvas to work with. When you want to sell the MacBook Air and get the latest model, just pop off the cover and put your pristine MacBook Air on eBay.


The Speck SeeThru MacBook Air case si a great way to protect your MacBook Air without adding bulk or another sleeve and bag to carry around. At $49.95 it is about as much as a mediocre bookbag, but we think it’s well worth the price. If you want a shiny cover, pick up the SeeThru version. If a matte finish is more your style, check out the SeeThru Satin Speck MacBook Air cases.
  • Protection
  • Multiple colors
  • Snaps on and off easily
  • Doesn’t add bulk
  • Glossy
  • Scratches fairly easily

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