RF Online Update : LEGEND OF ELVEN

Prepare yourself and your people to face the battle a more powerful and challenging in RF Online RF Online Indonesia with the third Update: Legend Of Elven. With this update the battle you will certainly become more interesting and more excited than before because you will be able to enjoy a new adventure map, new systems and new items ..

More importantly, there are new maps that you can use to do the leveling. The new map is home to the elves who have been long forgotten and very secret. Many new weapons as well that you can use to deal with the never ending battle.

And for the Archon and the Guild, be prepared because in this latest update will be many changes that can make you get better performance again.

For more details, please enjoy the information updates Legend Of Elven follows:

     * Max Level: 65
     * Special Nations: Gold MAU, Siege Kit Black, Animus lv 65
     * new area for the browse (New Folder).
     * Monster-New monsters and Pit Boss.
     * Skill - Skill New.
     * New Battle Dungeon (DarkHall).
     * New items.
     * New Quest.

Elven Forgotten Land

The core of this update is opening a new folder named folder Elven. Only characters level 50 and above who can enter this map, and will have 4 new pit boss in the folder. If the pit boss to beat this combination will get items such as recipes for a level 55 and above, enhanced launcher cores, and the red stone boxes. To get into this folder you must obtain Crystal Artifact from the NPC that is in the headquarters.