version of the Fiat 500 model abart with euro

           Fiat 500 Abarth old car and this car was launched in Europe in 208, the 500 Abarth is the absolute trunk to drive. The 500 regular throaty 101-hp, 1.4-liter four-cylinder MultiAir gets boosted with a turbocharger, and tuned to make 133 hp or 170 basic tune in Esseesse version-say "SS," and it stands for "supersport." in harmony will we get? Well, Fiat is not talking, but we think it's pretty safe to figure at 170 hp.

        But the 500 Abarth is not just about the motor. Born from the philosophy of "small but wicked" created by company founder Karl Abarth, also brought many mechanical modifications to the table, at least in Europe. We do not yet know exactly how we'd spec'd car chassis, Fiat just say that this car is for driving purists and track-day enthusiasts with the Abarth-tuned suspension and brakes, and 'traditional technology features not included in the small car. "People the Fiat did add, however, that the version we will "remain loyal" to the Euro model. That should mean we will include Abarth stiffer springs and shocks and brake-torque-based control system to help reduce understeer. Aesthetics, sweetie-pie face of the base 500 will be called with more aggression. Abarth front fascia has a larger intake opening, accented by a subtle chin spoiler. There is a new rocker extensions and rear bumper with diffuser dual exhaust pipes hosts. Other items include unique exterior roof-mounted spoiler, red brake calipers and mirror caps, Abarth scorpion logo and signature decals, and a set of larger, more-evil wheel.



  1. That Classic is BEAUTIFUL!!! Makes me wonder what happened to modern car design...Fiat