RF Online Guild

Guild is a set of players, who have the same goal, how to play the same, the same strategy, when playing the game RF Online
By becoming part of a guild, players will be able to feel the unity and togetherness in a community by playing games together. Guild in the Rf Online can be divided into 2 main types: one is the type of Special Force Guild, where focusing on combat and strategy, and the other is the type of guild community, whose main purpose is acollection of of people who wish to make friends on-line
Create Guild
To create a guild, you must meet with the NPC Race Manager and submit a request to create a guild. Keep in mind that the character who proposed the creation of a guild should not be a member of any guild. You need to pay the cost of the guild, and a group with eight members of which one will be appointed as a founder of the guild, and will be given the authority as follows:
     * Accepting new members
     * View information of characters that make requests to join guild
     * Case Filing. (Example: Buying Emblem, to ban members of the guild)
     * Applying for voting rights from other players
     * Immunity to not be banned by other players
Committee Members
Aside from the founders, there are also some players referred to as members of the committee. Members of the committee is a player who has the ranking points are included in the 10% contribution of the greatest among the members of the guild. Committee members may be replaced in line with changes in the contribution points among guild members. The number of committee members can be changed according to changes in the number of guild members

Eight members of the first group to participate in the making guild
Members of the committee

     * Rank 10% of the guild among its members
     * The player who has the highest contribution points

Ordinary member

Guild member who is not a founder or a member of the committee
Guild Chairman

     * Chairman of the Guild Elections
           o Nominations: Any member of the guild have the same opportunity to become a Guild Master.
           o Elections: Every player who has the decision and authority (Founder and Member of the Committee) may suggest a case and nominate the candidates, and other members who have the right to make decisions to choose
     * Authority Chairman Guild
           o Guild master always has the right in taking a decision
           o Right to an exclusive chat with, Archon, Vice-Archon, and other Guild Masters

Guild Level

Each guild can compete with other guilds within the same nation. The basis of this competition is at the guild level, and is calculated from the combined points total contributions from members of the guild, level, and the number of guild members
Arrangement of points contribution Guild

     * Changed based on the contribution of the members of the guild points
     * Addition of new members Guild
     * The resignation of members of the guild and / or tires

RF Online Guild Rules

     * Players must not be in two or more guild
     * A guild without a member who has the right to make decisions not allowed to choose a guild master
     * A guild can have no more than 150 members
     * An individual decision to do the addition of new members, but to issue a user has to do with voting
     * Points at Guild updated every day at 0:00 am
     * A guild will be automatically dissolved when all guild members resign
     * When a guild disbanded, all the data and the authority also will be

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