RF Online New Dark Hall Battle Dungeon Update : LEGEND OF ELVEN

There are 10 Battle Dungeon in total and can only be accessed by characters level 53 and above. Just like you need to get the Elven map key at the headquarters of the NPC and the like battle dungeon Dark Hall the other weapons you can get the level 55 class D and class B. So for those of you who want the weapons grade D in and see what you have to beat.

Sealed Belpegore - Cactus Jail(Beast Mountain)

Sealed Flame Draco - Farm of Hades(Cauldron)

 Sealed teledeon - Ruin Zone(Sette Desert)

 Sealed Soul Sinder - Scotoma(Elan)

 Sealed Hora Baal Hamon - Gun Powder(Biolab)

Sealed Taraven - Stonewall(Outcast Land)

 Sealed Dagan - Steamer(Numerus Stockade)

 Sealed Hora Blade Phone - Chess(Armory-213)

 Sealed Dagon - Nightmare(Solus Settlement)

  Sealed Caliana Queen - Illusion bowl(Ether)

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