version of the Fiat 500 model abart with euro

           Fiat 500 Abarth old car and this car was launched in Europe in 208, the 500 Abarth is the absolute trunk to drive. The 500 regular throaty 101-hp, 1.4-liter four-cylinder MultiAir gets boosted with a turbocharger, and tuned to make 133 hp or 170 basic tune in Esseesse version-say "SS," and it stands for "supersport." in harmony will we get? Well, Fiat is not talking, but we think it's pretty safe to figure at 170 hp.

        But the 500 Abarth is not just about the motor. Born from the philosophy of "small but wicked" created by company founder Karl Abarth, also brought many mechanical modifications to the table, at least in Europe. We do not yet know exactly how we'd spec'd car chassis, Fiat just say that this car is for driving purists and track-day enthusiasts with the Abarth-tuned suspension and brakes, and 'traditional technology features not included in the small car. "People the Fiat did add, however, that the version we will "remain loyal" to the Euro model. That should mean we will include Abarth stiffer springs and shocks and brake-torque-based control system to help reduce understeer. Aesthetics, sweetie-pie face of the base 500 will be called with more aggression. Abarth front fascia has a larger intake opening, accented by a subtle chin spoiler. There is a new rocker extensions and rear bumper with diffuser dual exhaust pipes hosts. Other items include unique exterior roof-mounted spoiler, red brake calipers and mirror caps, Abarth scorpion logo and signature decals, and a set of larger, more-evil wheel.


The new Porsche 911 Carrera is the perfect car

The new Porsche 911 Carrera is the car Longer, lower, wider, faster, more fuel efficient, and-amazingly-a little lighter, according to the company, the new Porsche 911 Carrera is a better car in every respect. Which means it's less like a Porsche 911 than before, because quite frankly, a lot of what makes the iconic model has its eccentricities.

Until the late 1990's, 911 master a lion tamer's job. The 996 and 997 generations greatly improved drivability, and the lion has been completely tamed by redesigning 2012. Anyone who took a deep breath and have the dough (China quickly fill with a candidate) can safely cuddle with the cat is bad. Withdrawn wheelbase, wider track front and split rear-biased weight that is claimed to be closer to equity-all of which promote stability on the road and reduce midcorner a jumping-out-laundering and the steering angle that makes the older 911s, so, uh, thrilling. Devices and electronic suspension, traction control system is more capable, making steering response even snappier and more eager for the car goes where you point it.

Toyota FCV-R with Hydrogen Fuel

Toyota FCV-R Concept is a concept car that can diandalakan medium, with the body that seem sporty and sleek. FCV-R merupajan stands for Fuel Cell Vehicle - Reality & Revolution. Length is only 4.7 meters. This family car hydrogen fuel cell.

Fuel-cell unit is hidden under the shell of the car (bodyshell) so it can hold four adult passengers and offers a spacious trunk. With hydrogen fuel, FCV-R can roam up to 430 km or about 692 miles.

Environmentally friendly cars mitsubishi PX-MiEV II and Global Small Car

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation at least have a whiz with cars face looks different and more power, this car was developed in the direction of pure electric motor technology. As a sweetener and a differentiator, the PX-MiEV II underwent a change in the dimensions of the larger outside mirrors, headlights and grille with the latest design is more futuristic and sporty. Rim also has a new design with carbon fiber material that serves to slightly reduce the total weight of the vehicle and not burdensome on the car so the vehicle lighter and environmentally friendly. Mitsubishi crossover equip it with the 2.0-liter 4-cylinder gasoline combined with dual electric motors placed in the front and rear wheels, electric powered diasup capability of lithium ion fuel consumption average of 60 km per liter, this car is very friendly technology i environment and does not cause air pollution, because fossil fuels will be reduced from year to year, then in accordance with advances in automotive technology lover in the production of very supportive once the global Mitsubishi producing cars smart car. The second champion, Global Small Car officially named Mirage concept model ever hanging out in the Indonesia International Motor Show, in July 2011. Now, this compact car was approaching the form of mass production and will be positioned as a replacement for the Mitsubishi Colt in the global market.

Mirage is also marketed in Indonesia this would have the ability of the average consumption of 70 mpg or 30 kpl. The price is priced at 1 million yen This car is equipped with new engines 1.0 liter 3-cylinder engine with CVT transmission and a fuel-saving idle-stop technology. So the more efficient.

FX-50 cars with blue paint color is more into sports cars

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Infiniti has launched FX-50 model edisiterbaru "Sebastian Vettel" with many changes leading to a more elegant form of sport. and not less interesting blue paint on the car menunnjukan sports car that looks sporty and attractive for automotive enthusiasts with a painting bearing the Red Bull car as a billboard to market a particular brand product. Changes in an ordinary car into a sports car that looks at a given front bumper-spoiler lips, side skirts and rear spoiler uses carbon fiber material and other parts.

Infiniti FX50 edition of Sebastian Vettel is to welcome the success of the German rider crown champions for the second time in a row. When Red Bull won the constructors' world championship, Infiniti FX50 launched a limited edition. The difference with Vettel model, the FX50 have introduced Red Bull F1 car pictures numbered starting 1 (Vettel) on both sides.

Modification Ferrari 458 by Anderson Germany...

Ferrari 458 is quite extreme. The Italian supercar body components are replaced with carbon fiber and introduced as the Carbon Edition. Ferrari was actually already using carbon fiber to reduce weight at 458. Taking part include carbon fiber front spoiler, fin front bumper, side skirts, rear lip spoiler, front hood water outlets, vents beside the engine, and the front ventilation grille.

  Modifications made to Anderson Germany was not only limited to the exterior. Energy production also tampered. Factory built V8 engine innards were maintained, only the exhaust system replaced and reprogrammed the ECU software to enhance its power. The result, a standard power 562 PS (standard) grow to 623 PS. To maintain good stability when maneuvering and driving at high speeds, the suspension was replaced with a less rigid spec and lower. As a supplier of used maximum traction tire size 255/30 front and 335/25 rear.

Model in the Volkswagen Passat CC design.

There are some similarities with the design of the Passat CC as a hood (front) and the trunk lid (rear) followed by use of the Bi-Xenon headlamps complete with LED running lights. Lighting design blends nicely with the grille and hood are attached rather low. While the design behind the design blends between the Passat and Jetta. Although Volkswagen has not released form the interior, does not seem to be far away from the previous model. As for changes, most involving staining cabin space. Similarly, the energy-producing space. It is estimated that CC will adopt two engine options, each 4 cylinder, 2.0-liter turbo or 3.6-liter V6. For variants of the VW engine using the 4 Motion four-wheel drive system.

High style Mazda2 hatchback type R

That combines a mixture of taste and also sports a high-style elements is quite thick in the visible to the Mazda2 hatchback type R. Try the basket that put forward the overall look exterior elements kharakteristik youthful style with a flavor that is strong enough. Besides having an aggressive aroma with a stroke and slim body shape on the side, the Mazda 2 also has a look like a sports car vehicle model with a flattened oval head lamp to follow the curve between the hood and front bumper.

Pirelli tire manufacturer's flagship product displays

Pirelli tire manufacturers to introduce their new outlets dipameran, The Pzero, in the Corso, Venice, Milan, some time ago. Not only featuring a number of flagship product, they even put a tattoo on the tire tread rubber manifold Diablo II Rosso's slick. For this, Pirelli took the famous tattoo artist from the United States, Scott Campbell. He himself did not put the ink as well as on human skin, but carved in precision. Scott combines eye-shaped patterns, heart, and the skull, which he said symbolizes the passion and dynamism of life.

Latest variant is the Mercedes-Benz luxury cars

Mercedes-Benz emergence of this new variant had become the center of attention when performing trials in urban areas, Why not, when German luxury car manufacturer presents a first-generation CLS in 2004, no one expected that the product could break the 170,000 unit sales worldwide. No wonder the appearance of new variants of this very interesting even though the back is still covered sheath. The decision to produce the CLS Shooting Brake is a way of realizing the Mercedes-Benz concept cars ever shown to the public. We hope that this variant is a product of the long-awaited consumer, "said Dieter Zetsche, Chairman of the Board Daimler AG and Head of Mercedes-Benz Cars.

At first glance, based on the chosen model, Mercedes is making changes on the back with a redesign of the famous sloping roof on kupe 4-door variant. In front, panoramic roof fitted look. Estimates - if viewed form - this variant look is a station wagon or a Mercedes-Benz introduced the Estate.


Pulse renault will be produced again with V-platform style


Pulse renault produced by V-platform, similar to Nissan Micra (March). Machines are offered 1.2-liter gasoline and 1.5 liter diesel, also from the Micra. So, Pulse is aMicra with another figure. Dimensions and part of the same cabin design with the Micra. The difference is only on the dashboard and steering wheel rim.
Informed also, Renault Pulse positioned above the Micra. To that end, small cars are equipped with more features so the price is more expensive. Features offered include automatic air conditioning, open the door without a key (keyless entry), the start button, dual airbags, ABS, audio control on steering wheel, rear glasspembesih, demister and sport rims.
Pulse will be available early next year, in New Delhi Auto Expo, January 2012, as well as its inaugural launch in India. Renaut target in the first year, it could sell 6,000 unitsper month.

Ford display 7 Ford Focus that has been modified by 3dCarbon

Ford had something to enliven auto show SEMA Show in Las Vegas that will last two more weeks. Manufacturers located in Deaborn will feature of the model gahar to the light and the old to model concepts.

But, the most appealing, displaying 7 Ford Ford Focus that has been modified by 3dCarbon, Roush Performance products, The ID Agency, Capaldi Racing, Steeda, Bojix Design, and Cobb Tuning. All hatchback it has other performance characteristics itudan a different look.

"All this hatachback setiasp personalize aspects of community life," said Mike Murphy, Ford C-Car Marketing Manager. At SEMA, Mike Focus continued to be unique because it was displayed to the standard conditions.

In addition to the Focus, Ford Fiesta is also offering three models are handled by M2-Motoring, the Gold Coast Automotive, and Aaron Vaccar. In addition, it will also be introduced racing engines and 1964-1966 Classic Mustang.

Version of the Jaguar C-X16 Concept,

The production version of the Jaguar C-X16 Concept, the which stunned the Frankfurt Auto Show, We can tell you That the driver was pushing real hard, with the rollcage inside proving That Jag is literally going full throttle with the dynamic tests.

This is the same test mule We Met in last month, but now it comes with a front end That lets in more water. That this means we've got the same XK cabrio body with a shorter wheelbase and a heavy rear-end modifications.

The XE, the which Will be a Porsche 911 competitor, Will be underpinned by a shortened version of the next generation XK's aluminum platform.

As for the engine range, it Will be launched with a supercharged V6 engine and Will also get a flywheel hybrid version. The vehicle is also expected to receive an "R" version, and maybe even an RS one,


Freeride 350 is a KTM for off-road

According to KTM, Freeride 350 is designed to get maximum performance offroad. The purpose KTM created an off-road motorcycle that can master the challenges and also has a remarkable resilience. Freeride 350 features fuel injection, single cylinder 350cc engine, which produces 24 bhp power output. Motor is made user friendly, visible from the handlebars and the chassis using the framework of the composite to reduce weight and also features WP suspension and Brembo brakes. Freeride KTM 350 has a small tank can only hold 5 liters of fuel. But KTM claims the motor is also fuel efficient.

Apple MacBook Pro Laptop specifications - MC118ZP / A.

Processor Intel Core2 Duo 2.53 GHz, 3MB L2 cache, 1066 MHz FSB
Standard Memory 4 GB (2x 2 GB) DDR3 PC-8500 1066 MHz
Max. Memory 8 GB (2 DIMM)
Video Type NVIDIA GeForce 9400M 256MB
Display Size 15.4" WXGA LED Backlit, glossy display
Display Resolutions 1440 x 900
Audio Type Integrated
Speakers Type Integrated
Hard Drive Type 250 GB 5400 RPM
Optical Drive DVD±RW 8x SuperDrive Double Layer (DVD±R DL/DVD±RW/CD-RW)
Networking Built-in 10/100/1000BASE-T (Gigabit)
Network Speed 10 / 100 / 1000 Mbps
Wireless Network Type AirPort Extreme
Wireless Network Protocol IEEE 802.11n
Wireless Bluetooth Integrated

Keyboard Full-size 78 keys illuminated keyboard
Trackpad Glass Multi-Touch trackpad
Slot Provided SD card slot
Expansion Provided 2x USB 2.0, Firewire 800, Mini Display Port, Audio
iSight Video Camera
O/S Provided Mac OS X version 10.5 Leopard
Battery Type Rechargeable 73WHr Lithium-ion Battery
Avg. Battery Run Time 7 hours
Power Supply AC Adapter 60 Watt MagSafe
Dimension (WHD) 36.4 x 2.41 x 24.9 cm
Weight 2.49 kg
Warranty 1 year Limited Warranty by Authorized Distributor

The cleaning procedure on the Peripheral Component Computer

To make cleaning the components on the PC must go through certain means or procedures. Between one component with another component that is different so it has its own rules of order or in the method of cleaning. Here are several PC components that need to be treated:

  • Casing can be likened to a building or home, from a computer, so that the strength and beauty of a computer is physically located on the PC casing. In case there is usually a PC power supply, fan and LED indicators and switches or buttons, power and reset buttons. Problems that often occur in case the computer is dust carried by the fan casing itself or insect nests. Besides the dung may also interfere with the beauty of a bad actor on the fan and other components on the motherboard. So it needs regular cleaning. The tools used to clean the computer's case simply by brush or vacuum cleaner with a mini. To the point to note especially the front wiring easily separated due to the beat, especially on the wires to the switch. At the back that need to be cleaned is on the vents or the fan. Because this is where all gather dust due to wind gusts brought by fan.

  • CD-Rom or CD-RW is a common tool used today to read and write data to a CD. CD-Rom and CD-RW is a component that is very cheap compared with the data can be stored. Problems that often interfere with the CD-Rom and CD-RW is located on the optical or lens. Steps used to clean the optics or lens from dust or other debris is to use a CD cleaner. The working principle is similar to the CD cleaner disk cleaner, only just a different shape.
          Cleaning steps are as follows:
  1. Operate a computer system
  2. Insert the CD cleaner,
  3. CD cleaner will turn around and brush or fins attached to the disk or optical disc or the lens will brush on a CD-Rom or CD-RW.

  • Hard disk is an important component in a computer, because the operating system and all programs and data stored on the hard disk. Hard disks are easily damaged goods. To perform the treatment in terms of hardware and software. For treatment of the hard disk of the hardware side, need to add a fan to reduce heat on the hard disk. Fan is highly recommended for hard disk with a speed of 7200 rpm upwards. Also note the data cable settings for air circulation can run smoothly. For maintenance of the software side, enough with the tools you have available when installing the operating system. Tool includes scandisk, and disk defragmenter. In addition to these tools there is also a tool used to perform low-level format. Low level format is used to reconfigure the settings on the hard disk head covering, cylender, and sectors. Low level format is the format of the physical aspect. For each brand the hard disk has a separate program for low-level format. To use traditional Seagete SGATFMT4 brands, using the Quantum zerrofill or zdisk, maxtor with mud and for western digital with wd_diag. Scandisk is a tool used to check file system structure, the location table file (file allocation table), and be able to determine whether there is bad sectors. ScanDisk will run automatically every start if the computer does not shut down properly or electrical failure. Disk Defragmenter is a tool that is used to regulate the structure or layout of the file so that it will reduce the fragmentation of a hard disk space. Disk Defragmenter should be done regularly this will improve system performance and hard disk space. Here's an example of the process of disk defragmentation, can be seen the difference before and after a disk defragmenter.
  • VGA card or display adapter is often called a computer component that functionalized to process the graph to be displayed to the screen. The problem that often timbull the VGA card is overheating, so as to reduce excessive heat to note its heatsink and fan. As her treatment needs to be done cleaning from dust or other impurities. To clean the fan and heatsink with a brush small enough for the fan on the VGA card is too small, so it must be adjusted to the size of its fan. In addition it is often problematic on the VGA card fan noisy or loud sounds. This problem is rooted in fan that is not tight or fan rotation is unstable. It can also be caused by the fan base is not strong so it can not sustain a good fan. To overcome this can be done by cleaning, and tighten the fan with a position appropriate to their position.

  • RAM is the primary component in a computer. RAM acts as temporary storage on the system. Its small large RAM capacity depending on the needs of the system to be used by the program. The bigger the capacity the faster RAM and stable program is run. RAM various kinds of which are still outstanding are as follows:EDO RAM (often found in older computers and start rarely found), SDRAM, DDR SDRAM, and RDRAM. Between the different types of physical form and pad slot motherboard. RAM needs to be done with care to keep it working optimally. Disturbances in the RAM is located on the connector or the legs, where if the RAM is often removed and untouched by the hands can cause corrosion and even RAM can be damaged by static electricity.

  • Power supply is the heart of a computer, because all sources of electrical power from the computer components supplied from the power supply. Power supply to function convert AC current into DC current to be distributed to the various components on the computer. Power ranges from 150 watts power supply to 350 watts.

  • CPU (Central Processing Unit) This component is the brain of the computer, processor speed and intelligence depends on the speed (in units of Hz). The processor speed is expanding rapidly to date has reached 3:04 GHZ.Prosessor require conditioning is extra. Prossessor cooler consists of heatsink and cooling fan. Processors are the most heat, so need to be monitored at all times. For treatment of the processor is to notice the layout of the fan so that air can rotate smoothly. Then the processor fan should be selected with a high spin (minimum of 5400 rpm) and also need to choose a heatsink with good heat conducting material, such as copper and aluminum. If you often forget to remove the processor do not always apply silicon grease to the heat delivery more smoothly.
The motherboard is the place of all computer components installed. Motherboard is used to connect between the components with one another. Between the motherboard with one another differently depending on the chipset used in the motherboard. Features offered by the motherboard is very diverse ranging from onboard soundcard, onboard LAN, onboard VGA and many other features. The more features of the motherboard, the more heat generated by the motherboard. The treatment is performed on the motherboard is to keep the temperature of the motherboard, which is the smooth circulation of air in the system. Because the motherboard where the various components of the tersambungnya cables connected to the cable fastened with a binder, but will add a neat also will make a smooth air circulation. To interference from dust and insect nests sufficiently cleaned with a brush or vacuum cleaner mini by adjusting the size of the brush at a narrow angle, not to interfere with the components installed, such as RAM and CPU.

Audi R8 will deliver a facelift version next year

In addition, the German car manufacturer has also been preparing for a second-generation sports sedan was launched end of 2014. The advantages of a sports sedan production kupe coded "R8 NF" is present in significant weight reduction.

Audi uses the structure of hybrid materials aluminum and carbon fiber. As told by Michael Dick, Audi's Head of Development that the combination of two materials have durability and better performance, and certainly requires a larger fund. The concept, says Michael is a bit different from the Lamborghini Aventador that overall use of carbon fiber in his body monokok. Italian car so it is claimed that the lightest, at this time.

Weight reduction is performed on the Audi R8 not only on the body, but also reducing the weight of the chassis, suspension, and engine components that use magnesium materials and electronic devices that allow wireless technology. Transmission system will use a dual-clutch.


Mercedes-Benz 2011 model One of the recallable

Mercedes-Benz, yesterday (17/10) announced the recall for repair of their models produced in January 2010 to April 2011. The models are drawn include the E-Class, GL-Class, M-Class and S-Class 2012 which has started rolling into dealerships. The number reached 7,000 units. Recall is based on the letter issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is aimed at diesel engine variants or known with BlueTEC. The trigger, there was a leak in the diesel fuel filter is located near the area of ​​component position that has a temperature hot enough. The danger, the oil droplets is very possible there is a fire. Not only that, other motorists may be a victim because of crashing road was slippery due to oil droplets.


Chevrolet Spark EV (Electric Vechile) will appear in early 2013

American car manufacturer, will soon produce preach Chevrolet Chevrolet Spark EV (Electric Vechile) in early 2013. Currently, the car is currently in testing by the General Motors (GM) in the United States.

"Spark EV will be offered at public city that has a plan for city driving only disekitaran only and will not go away. This car is also complete line of electric cars including the Chevrolet Volt ectended-range EV and Eco Malibu with the 2013 model eAssist technology," explained Jim Federico, global vehicle chief enginner for electric vehicles, the Chevrolet.

Furthermore, the electric car is planned to be marketed in several states including California United States alone. Because, people prefer to drive there with melee.

Electric cars made ​​by Chevrolet version is designed as an urban electric car. And GM has targeted 2000 as the manufacturer of the Chevrolet Spark units of electricity for the U.S. automotive market.

Regarding the pacemaker kitchen car is equipped with lithium-ion battery with 300 cells with a total energy capacity of 20 kWh. Thus the battery can work with temperatures of minus 20 degrees to 45 degrees and can be recharged in less than eight hours using a 240V electric power.

Forza, Motorsport 3 created 10 Studios greatest racing game of the generation.

With Forza Motorsport 3, Microsoft's Turn 10 Studios tried creating the greatest racing game of its generation. Arguably, it was. On October 11th, when Forza Motorsport 4 is released for Xbox 360 they're setting their sights higher — creating the next generation of car enthusiasts.

At the heart of my strategy was the realization that the next generation of car guys were no longer being bred in garages and under shade trees, they're growing up in their parents' basements playing car video games. One needs only look at the cult-like status the GT-R has in this country thanks to the Gran Turismo franchise to understand the power of video games at molding reality of car enthusiasts. What we needed to do was turn gadget guys and video gamers into car guys. And that's exactly why we partnered with Turn 10 on "Forzalopnik" — two game packs for Forza Motorsport 3 — and it's why we're working with Turn 10 to partner even more closely on Forza 4 (Full disclosure and all that! —Ed.)

Especially after I traveled out to Seattle last month to get behind the wheel — literally and figuratively — of Forza Motorsport 4. The game features some seriously impressive-looking new graphics, a completely re-worked physics engine with an enhanced tire dynamics system, two new game-play modes utilizing the XBox Kinect motion-action-camera-sensor system and a slew of cool new community features. Combined, they look like they might be able to deliver on the promise of my "Awesomeness Manifesto" in a way that I never thought possible.

Let's walk through the new stuff:

Graphics (Polygon count size does matter!): For starters, Turn 10's re-rendered every single vehicle, ripping the graphics engine down and building it back up. And the results are simply staggering. Polygons per car are up from Forza 3's 400,000 to over one million polygons per car in Forza 4. Turn 10's added real-light changes like blooming and lens flares help make the cars look like they're really in the environment. Forza 4 is achieving in real-time at 60 frames per second what was once something Pixar needed weeks to render. Just take a look through the gorgeous gameplay shots in the gallery to the left to see what I mean. It's beautiful.

Physics Engine (Kick the tires and light the fires!): Not only has Turn 10 rebuilt the physics engine from scratch, they've also tried to address one of the most glaring problems with Forza 3, the tires. That's why, for enthusiasts anyway, the most important addition to the game is going to be the tire physics. Thanks to a partnership with Pirelli, Turn 10 has completely redone the modeling for tire dynamics. The tire company let them inside their testing system to give the game a soup-to-nuts data download and allow them to directly input it into the game.

Kinect (Somehow we find a Kinect-ion is made!): There's three ways to use the Xbox 360 Kinect motion action camera system and the best way to conceptualize why both of them exist is to think of them as being for three different types of people. One, a sort of gimmick-y mode called "Autovista Mode," is a system for "bringing the automotive experience to life." You can walk around a car in a virtual showroom, crouch down to look at the details, or open the doors and hood using the power of Kinect. The coolest part of that feature is there's a heavy integration with Top Gear — Jeremy Clarkson has a soliloquy on each of the cars in Autovista Mode.

The second, is what I like to call "frat boy" mode — imagine a fraternity house where you have the game set up and everyone's taking turns to play each other — a la Goldeneye from back when I went to school. Basically, you stick your hands out and grab a virtual wheel as you sit on the couch with your friends and family — and thanks to auto-acceleration and auto-braking — there's no controller required. That also means there's no controller to accidentally drop beer on. It's an easy way to play with friends with no muss or fuss.


Mercedez Benz E350 car modify


If you already have a Mercedes-Benz E350, for those of you who have a car of Mercedes Benz E350 ngetrend it feels like to modify the car is becoming more attractive to the automotive world and various changes can be made ​​on the German luxury car. That's what Hess Motorsports underlie a variety of accessories make modifications for the Mercedes-Benz E350. With the addition of various accessories, E350 Mercy's face was immediately implies something different. Impression of elegance that is still radiated an aura of sportiness conspires with the upset of his body.

Actually modification accessories Hess Motorsports prepared quite simple. Accessories company based in the United States is offering some accessories for the appearance of a supporter of Mercy E350. So if you want to dress up, accessories from Hess is like a jewelry supporting performances.

Accessories are the focus of perfecting the exterior of the vehicle. Front bumper that has a sporty design coupled to the rear spoiler is directly able to make this car look so fierce.

While black rims 6 bolt the legs were also shown to make this car look to attract attention. Rim size of 20 inches was then in favor by Eibach Pro suspension and low-profile tires wrapped Michelin PS2.

And to add a sense of mystery, the car was then dibalur by shiny black paint which was then still made dark by LLumar window film on every window.

Baby SLS will use twin-turbo engine bar

Baby SLS emergence of this information directly conveyed by Christoph Jung, Director of the Division of Development and Performance of AMG to Auto Express. "There is still room for the AMG model under the SLS, to compete with the Porsche 911.

Further, Baby SLS will use a new twin-turbo engine. Jung added the success of SLS with gullwing doors - in the UK are sold 1680.000 pounds (Rp2, 331 billion) - as evidenced by sales since Commencing the first in 2009 reached 5,000 units worldwide. Instead continue berkembangan with Roadsternya version. AMG was given the freedom to develop products and separate from the parent of Mercedes-Benz.

"It's important to develop our brand. See Porsche 911, a huge success! They do an excellent job over the years. Now, SLS has proved our success. Porsche is now seen as a competitor AMG. Our votes can make a supersport cars. "

Two Seats
Although the new sports car is still an early stage, Jung leaked some details. Among other things, the cabin two places, V8 engine mounted in front. "Must be V8. This is a legacy and our customers expect, "

Engine capacity, 5.5-liter twin-turbo 500 PS generate energy, motion of the rear wheels, 7-speed transmission with double clutch. Ability to sprint 0-100 km / h in just 4 seconds and be able to speed up 300 kph.

Toyota managed to break the record for fastest car back

Toyota has the determination to be a car manufacturer with a record of environmentally friendly cars and the fastest in the world. This is evidenced in the event the fastest car in the Nurburging, Germany.

Toyota managed to break the record again the fastest car with compressed technology. As reported by Integrityexports, Sunday (02/10/2011), Ku: Toyota Rin reliable car in the prestigious event managed to break the record for the fastest car with compressed air technology at the Japan Automobile Research Institute (JARI), Japan. The car is designed like a pencil rocket and has a length of 3.5 m and 0.8 m wide is successfully driving with a maximum speed of 80.3 mph (129 km / h). The strength of this car lies in the reversal of the AC compressor that depend on the expansion of compressed air to generate power.

Further, the compressed air will not act as a fuel, but rather act as an energy storage batteries which have in common such as in an electric-powered cars.

In addition, this car is not like most cars. Me: Rin only have traveled about 2 miles (3.2 km) course. However, with Toyota once again managed to record of achievement as a producer in the world's fastest car

Dani Pedrosa's victory in the Moto GP Japan

Dani Pedrosa won the race full of drama in Motegi Circuit, Japan, on Sunday (02.10.11). In a race marked by many accidents, including the hit Valentino Rossi and a penalty against the three riders due to jump start, the Yamaha rider beat Pedrosa, Jorge Lorenzo and Repsol Honda team-mate Casey Stoner.

This was Pedrosa's third victory of the season 2011, after the GP of Portugal and Germany. However, the Spaniard is not moved from fourth place standings, because it is still a point adrift of third Repsol Honda rider Andrea Dovizioso.

The results of this series to make the battle for the 15 world titles between Stoner and Lorenzo is still tight. Because, at this time Lorenzo can cut the difference to only 40 points, after Stoner made ​​a mistake on lap four, so to lose the moment to win the race.

Japanese GP Results

1. Dani Pedrosa Repsol Honda ESP 42m 47.481s
2. Jorge Lorenzo Yamaha ESP Factory Racing 42m 54.780s
3. Casey Stoner AUS Honda Repsol 43m 5.861s
4. Marco Simoncelli ITA San Carlo Honda Gresini 43m 11.031s
5. Andrea Dovizioso ITA Repsol Honda 43m 11.172s
6. Ben Spies USA Yamaha Factory Racing 43m 25.085s
7. Nicky Hayden USA Ducati Marlboro 43m 26.468s
8. Colin Edwards USA Tech 3 Yamaha Monster 43m 32.504s
9. Hiroshi Aoyama JPN San Carlo Honda Gresini 43m 36.555s
10. Randy de Puniet FRA Pramac Racing 43m 46.503s
11. Cal Crutchlow GBR Tech 3 Yamaha Monster 44m 1.445s
12. Kousuke Akiyoshi JPN Honda LCR 44m 9.190s
13. Shinichi Ito JPN Honda Racing Team 44m 13.862s

source: moto GP

electronic component diodes

Diode is widely used as a rectifier of AC power into DC and many  applications in electrical engineering and electronics. Diode has two legs, namely Anode  and cathode. To find out how to work as a rectifier diode we see two series diode connected to Diode circuit shows positive DC voltage is connected Cathode footed, looked no current flows or Diode in a position to block the flow, This condition is called fallback position (reverse). Characteristics of a Diode illustrated by the horizontal axis to voltage (Volt). The vertical axis to show the current (mA until Amperes). Positive voltage (forward) calculated from zero to the right axis. Negative voltage (reverse) begins negative axis to the left. Current line forward (forward) axis starts from zero and above by units of Ampere. Current line backward (reverse) axis begins with zero down to the order of mA. Diode has a reverse voltage withstand limits on certain value. if Diode reverse voltage is exceeded it will be permanently damageda DC voltage source. Diode circuit with a source DC voltage showed a positive DC voltage Anode is connected to the leg, the This condition Diode DC current drain can be seen from the appointment ampermeter with the flow If, for voltage is called the forward voltage Uf (forward). Silicon diode will begin forward when it has reached a voltage cut-in of 0.7 volts, for Diode germanium cut-in voltage of 0.3 Volt.

semiconductor materials

In the knowledge of electrical engineering materials are known three types of material, ie material conductor, semiconductor materials and insulator materials. Conductor materialshaveproperties of high electrical leads, the conductor material used for cable or wireconductor of electricity, like copper, aluminum, iron, steel, etc.. materialsemiconductor properties can be conductive or it can also have propertiesinhibit the electrical current depends on the condition given external voltage, the semiconductor material is a component manufacturingTransistor, Diode, thyristor, triac, GTO
Some semiconductor materials are silicon (Si), germanium (Ge), gallium arsenic(GeAs), indium antimonid (InSb), cadmium sulfid (CdS) and siliciumcarbid (SiC),etc.. Insulator material has good electrical properties inhibit, used as insulators inelectrical equipment, for example ceramics, porcelain, PVC, paper, etc.. Electronic components are widely used in the electrical engineering industry is the thyristor

Range Rover Evoque not want a vehicle known as a "sissy"

Although not look like a sweet and appoint Victoria Beckham as a brand ambassador, Range Rover Evoque not want a vehicle known as a "sissy". To prove it, sport utility vehicle (SUV) is ready to test the toughness to conquer the terrain in the arena of fierce rally Dakar 2012 in South America. Along the 9000 km route taken 14 days stretching from Argentina to Peru Evoque ready to be conquered. In its participation for the fight in the T3 class, Land Rover believed to Excite British Rally Raid team that lowers trio of Martin Rowe, John Hardy and Andrew Coley.

Interestingly, Dakar to conquer the rough terrain, Land Rover, BMW took the German partner to supply cardiac pacemaker. Dakar Evoque equipped with 3.0-liter turbodiesel engine-powered 275 hp and 650 Nm of torque coupled with a system of 6-speed ZF transmission. Not to forget, the enlarged fuel tanks and tires from BF Goodrich hoes series G.

Rimac Concept One Croatia cars

Apparently the Frankfurt Motor Show still keeps strange and exotic cars, namely Rimac Concept One. Interestingly, it was Croatia who created the vehicle manufacturer tersrbut first time for a show. This time Rimac Automobili presents electric supercar with outstanding ability.

Imagine, a 1073 hp power generated from batteries that parses the electrical energy to the four sources of energy. In every energy source that is located on all four wheels, each having a motor, inverter and gearbox reduction. No wonder, if the Rimac car concept classifies as 'All Wheel Torque vectoring'. Another advantage, each wheel is supported by the motor can be independently set the acceleration and deceleration at any time to adjust the driving style of the driver's option contained in the cockpit.

Based on trial results, which were created acceleration 0-100 km / h in just 2.8 seconds. The figure is not directly threaten the achievements made by the Bugatti Veyron (2.41 seconds). The maximum speed reached 304 km / hour, still far than the Veyron who scored 431 km / hour. With such a record was achieved Veyron in the Guinness Book of World Records is still safe. Cruising range of batteries weighing 1650 kg is when fully charged can travel as far as 600 km.

Car modification defender DC 100

Testing the concept of DC 100 - next generation Defender. DC 100 first white berkelir standard version uses a wide rim radius models a lot. Although simple, given the reams of black color adds dashing appearance. Project two, stick with white color, only the roof given the color orange, plus certain parts such as mirrors and panels on the front air vents. Then, the top given the roof rack that can carry a surfboard. The third vehicle, fixed with two-tone colors are impressive off-road vehicles. Only here, all four wheels use traditional roff rim lightly with rails that carry the spare tire on top.