Bromo Detection Equipment Installed Again

Center for Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation (PVMBG) bring back detector in the area of ​​the volcano Mount Bromo, Probolinggo, East Java. Previously, similar equipment is lost stolen irresponsible.
"We have installed and tested the middle," said Head of the Earthquake and Land Movement (PVMBG) Gede Suantika Wednesday, March 30, 2011.
To prevent recurrence of similar incidents, new equipment installed at a position closer to the monitor in the village post Ngadisari, District Sukapura, Probolinggo. Gede add, a tool is missing from the slopes of Bromo Sunday, March 27, 2011 and was worth about Rp125 million.
While awaiting trial process, monitoring of volcanic activity can be done through the Tengger Ancient seismograph and visual way. Currently, Bromo Tengger National Park re-opened. In addition to the request of citizens, this decision was also based on the stability of volcanic activity as high as 2392 meters.
"Even so tourists still not allowed near the crater of the mountain. And, we remain in compliance with the recommendations of PVMBG that states remain at a safe distance of two kilometers from the crater," said police chief Probolinggo, AKBP Zulfikar who is also Vice Chairman of the Disaster Response Team II of Mount Bromo.
With the reopening of the region, travelers that were previously afraid to come to know the real situation. And, can enjoy the sea of ​​sand and a beautiful back Bromo.
Related to monitor tool is missing that is, the detection of deformation (swelling) Mount Bromo AKBP Zulfikar insisted his side continued to chase the perpetrators.
"It is known, the tool does not function as a reader since 16 March and reported to us on March 25. The investigation is expected to actors just want to take the battery dry in the tool. However, its development was taken all,"

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