Dolphin Therapy No Better

Is it true that dolphin therapy may help cure autism? Maybe of you is a believer or not. But certainly, dolphin therapy is not much better than the simple ways that can be done alone, such as occupational therapy, speech, and behavior.
Autism is a complex developmental disorder in children. A child who has autism typically have problems in terms of development communication, social interaction and behavior.
During this time, many of which beranganggapan dolphin therapy can help a child with neurodevelopmental autism. But according to the founder of the Autism Society of Indonesia (MPATI) Gayatri Pamoedji SE MHC, we do actually with three types of therapy is sufficient. Because according to him, it is the base that must be given to children with autism.
"With three such therapy, a child can be taught how he sat silent, obedient, and talk. If it had succeeded in all three therapies, new therapies may be dolphins," said Gayatri during the first launch of the comic autistic autism, Wednesday, (30 / 3 / 2011) in Jakarta.
According to Gayatri, so far there has been no definitive studies on the success of dolphin therapy for persons with autism.
"Until now, dolphin therapy there has been no definitive research of any country if it proves successful. There is only testimonials of parents," he concluded.

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