Kate Hudson envious of Kate Moss

Kate Hudson (31) has revealed that British supermodel, Kate Moss, is a fashion icon adored. In the eyes of Hudson, Moss wearing whatever fits.

Hudson, who is awaiting the birth of his first baby of the group personnel Muse, Matt Bellamy-confessed envy the supermodels who wear whatever fits. He also admired the appearance of the 1960's British actress, Julie Christie, and Italian fashion designer, Anita Pallenberg.

Look to the magazine, Hudson said, "I like Julie Christie and I am very fond of Anita Pallenberg and style. In my opinion, Kate Moss has the ability to be able to wear anything."

On the other hand, Hudson has previously admitted that the toughest critics of clothing she was wearing was his son named Ryder. "My goodness, he is my toughest critic, always asking, 'What's that?" I always knew when he liked my dress when she saw me and he did not say anything and her face flushed. Then I said, 'Uh-oh. That means you love it! "

Hudson, who was fond of hunting for the latest fashion products, recently bought a new house in London with Bellamy. Since then, he preferred to shop trinkets to fill her house is beautiful.

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