Prandelli: Future Oriundi Italy

 Italian coach, Cesare Prandelli, defended the policy include Oriundi (players of Italian descent who were born in another country) into the Italian squad. In fact, according to Prandelli, the future of football, especially Italian, even in the hands of Oriundi.

Prandelli policies include descendants of immigrants from the Italian players had come under fire from some parties in Italy that assesses the Oriundi not have a spirit of nationalism is the same as the original players of Italy. Part of the Italian public consider players like Giuseppe Rossi (born in the United States) and Thiago Motta (born in Brazil) do not deserve defending the national team squad for their questionable sense of nationalism. However, doubt was immediately answered by Motta scored the winner with Italy as minister of Slovenia in Euro 2012 qualifier on Friday (03/25/2011).

In addition to Rossi and Motta, there's more Oriundi ever membelas Italian national team. They are Mauro Camoranesi (Argentina) and Lazio midfielder Cristian Ledesma (Argentina).

"In my view, the issue was never troubled Oriundi. Oriundi is the future of football. Take a look into our junior academy that 60 percent of the players coming from foreign countries. Adopt Oriundi means giving the coach a lot of choices,"said Prandelli.

Prandelli himself never doubted the ability Oriundi in his team, especially Motta. "Motta got good technique and can play in all areas in midfield. He always managed to develop the game," said Prandelli.

"His partner realizes how important he is. Motta has kept the Brazilian-style technique and get the mentality of European players. It's important to have other important players in the team," he continued

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