Prepare booster Toyota Honda Brio

Although the product "cheapest" Honda, Brio, just zoomed in Bangkok and there is no certainty kemunculannnya schedule in Indonesia, PT Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) is preparing a rival or pengganjalnya. This is revealed when accidentally met with president director Johnny Darmawan TAM yesterday at the Bangkok International Motor Show (BIMS).

While carrying brochures Honda Brio which was highly awaited reporters at the scheduled launch in Thailand, Johnny Darmawan commented, somewhat cramped rear seat. "Toyota product more relieved," he said without naming specific competitors such Brio.

In fact when it stated that Toyota is being prepared Liva, Johnny just said the rival Brio later is Daihatsu. "The price is cheaper than Brio," he explained, also without mentioning specific products. Just came out, the price of Toyota products sold in over Brio, while Daihatsu cheaper.

If you have this, Daihatsu which also is part of Toyota jointly will prop Brio. One heading from below, which is one more push from the top.

Brio not only competitor Toyota. As reported the Bangkok Post today, the rival Brio which soon appeared in the country are Mitsubishi, currently labeled "Global Small Concept. " Based on internal information obtained by the newspaper Mitsubishi, Mitsubishi's cheapest product prices, will be produced next year in Thailand, priced under 400,000 baht or USD 116,000. While Brio, when launched, priced 508,500 baht or USD 147 million.

However, small car, which has demonstrated success in Thailand is the Nissan March with thethe lowest prices 375 000 or USD 108 million .

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