"Racing Game" Rapid Growth in Mobile

Mobile games business is still shining this year. Buzzcity, mobile media company that offers access to the advertising agency into a global advertising network on the mobile Internet, released a statistical increase in mobile gaming with theme of motor sports and cars that are trends in world society.
Based on survey data taken from m.djuzz.com mobile site, downloads Buzzcity game in as many as 1.2 million games in a month. Rise compared to the year 2010 that only 630,000 game downloads per month. As many as 90 percent of the increase came from the motorcycle and car games.
Buzzcity identified there were 12 racing-themed games including Underground Racer, 3D Street Racing and GTS World Racing. GTS World Racing games are one of these days a lot of interest. Evidence, in March there had been 4700 downloads per day compared with last January just less than 100 downloads per day.
"Since Djuzz released last year, special games motorsport site has a lot of attention. Added to the F1 season, the graph surged seems will continue where fans also turn on their sports interests through games-these games," Clearly, KF Lai Buzzcity CEO in a release on Friday (25/03/2011).
The five countries most active in motorsport to download games this is India, Nigeria, Vietnam, South Africa, including in Indonesia.

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