Still Hold Google's Android For Mobile 3.0

Google Android 3.0 will not remove or Honeycomb to be used on mobile phones. Internet giant was still delaying the use of Honeycomb for devices smaller than a tablet.

As Google's already been mentioned before, Honeycomb specially designed for tablets, not the phone. And Google still have to do a lot of work before his OS was released in open source format.

Reported by BusinessWeek and quoted on Friday (03/25/2011), this delay may take up to several months. But Google did not say until when.

"We're happy to offer a variety of new features for tablet Android, but we also have to work hard before presenting Honeycomb to other types of devices, including mobile phones," said Google.

Also added by Google, it decided to not release Honeycomb to open source. They are committed to providing Android as an open platform in a variety of devices and will publish it as soon as possible if it is ready.

That means, the mobile vendors who wish to use Honeycomb, must patiently wait to be able to access the code. But the larger OEMs such as HTC or Motorola for example, was able to access it. They, generally placed them in products like the Acer tablet.

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