This machine Want to Buy Used Mobile Phone

How many old mobile phones or gadgets that have been unused and stored neatly in a drawer? If collected from all mobile phone users in the world, the numbers might be able to reach thousands and even hundreds of thousands of units.
Sometimes you think to sell it. But, suddenly intent was frustrated when an old cell phone has an historical value that memorable for you. Or, some of you feel the value of selling the phone is not too high, so that you are lazy to sell it.
Soon, you will not have hesitated with the fate of the "old phone". With EcoATM, you can created a instant cash, just like an ATM machine. In a simple, sophisticated machine that will "swallow" the mobile phone and "spew" in the form of cash.
Phones collected will then be recycled further. This idea was considered very brilliant and coincidence suitable for inhabitants of Earth. Its presence can minimize the content of electronic waste on the planet significantly.
EcoATM originating from San Diego, California, U.S.. He claimed to be the first company and only one in the world that makes the former mobile exchange kiosks with cash for a good cause: recycling.
Eco ATM has received an injection of investment funds from CONSTAR and grant funds from the National Science Foundation to develop breakthrough technologies and disseminate it widely. The amount is confidential. However, the company definitely plans to produce massive EcoATM machines throughout the world gradually.
The way it works is quite simple. EcoATM machine will accept old mobile phones and portable electronic devices of any kind. Then, he will automatically check its condition and offer a fair price. If agreed, these phones will be recycled and you instantly receive cash. If you do not agree, you can cancel it.
Can she recognize your cell phone that is damaged or paralyzed? Can. A EcoATM machine equipped with a scanner device (scanner). When he wants to recycle your phone, you will be prompted to select your phone type. Then, the machine will provide the data cable to diagnose the condition of the phone, including to determine whether the cell phone can still work or not. 

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