Wozniacki: I Wonder Why So the Queen of Tennis

Wozniacki judge him worthy to be world number one female tennis player despite not yet even felt the Grand Slam title.

Wozniacki best achievement in Grand Slam event was reaching the final United States Open in 2009. Finally at the Australian Open, tennis player 20 years Denmark is only able to step up to the semi-finals.

Position Wozniacki had taken Kim Clijsters in mid-February 2011, after Clijsters won the Australian Open. Nmaun, Wozniacki took it back in no time.

Held the first rank Wozniacki world would be safe at least until the next WTA rankings issued on April 10, 2011. And Wozniacki judge him worthy to be queen of world tennis today.

"I won a few tournaments last year and I was playing great tennis. I feel deserve to be in my current position. I am 20 years old and number 1. Many people who want to be in my position," said Wozniacki as reported by AP.

Wozniacki itself already won two titles this season, at the Dubai Open and Indian Wells. Throughout his career, this blond player has collected 14 titles.

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