guardioala hoping to train club italia

Success gives eight degrees, making the management of Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola will establish this as a long-term coach at Camp Nou.

But the Spanish nationality this man will forever gush reject Barca. He even thought to possibly be able to handle the club in the Premier League or the train in Italy.

In fact, when the holiday competition, while Pep visiting Brescia, who also had his former club, Pep threw expense, that Brescia is a team in Italy is likely to be rehearsed.

That, according to Pep could happen. Moreover, the year the next season is the fourth year Guardiola with Barca. "I believe I was in Barca's unity will soon be over," said Pep Tribalfootball quoted as saying.

Despite coming to an end, the architect of the team that even the age of 40 years in January, was reluctant to mention specific time, but insisted he would go when the time is right.

"When I feel is not needed, and do not have the passion and strength that I have now, which is when I will feel enough is enough. Then I'll go," said Pep.

According to him, there are two ways to go, when they handle the club failed to achieve victory and ultimately fired, or go by natural and realize that the time has come. Everything will end at some point

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