Mikrocip Renesas factory in Hitachinaka, Ibaraki, Japan before it was damaged by the earthquake and tsunami

Mikrocip or microcontroller for the car is very different than that used on desktop computers or PCs. Mikrocip PC can use as a standard alternative. But not so with the car industry. As a result, they are difficult to move or find another supplier. Can only hope, Renesas immediately productive as quickly as possible.
Toyota said, face the problem of shortage of vital components 150, mostly electronic. Only some others are rubber and paint additives. The condition is now better. The reason is, a week after the earthquake, the type of components supplied by a supplier can not reach 500 items.
In fact, last dikabar, the problem faced not only at the level of Toyota's main supplier (Tier1), as well as sub-supplier or smaller companies like Tier2, 3 and 4. For this reason, Toyota estimates the new factory could berproduski in full by the end of this year.
Actually, not just car manufacturers who depend on Renesas. Ricoh, copier manufacturer, also obtained a supply of special chip from Renesas. Renesas factory described in Naka special concern because it is a major manufacturer.
Combined CompanyCircumstances that make Renesas role is very important for car manufacturers, adala origins. Apparently, this company is a combination of major Japanese semiconductor companies, namely Hitachi and Mitsubishi Electric merged in 2003. In fact, later merged again with NEC Electronics to set up semiconductor division of NEC, Renesas is now called Electronics.
Another factor which makes Japanese car manufacturers such as bound, as was said Koji Endo, auto analyst at Japan's Advanced Research and quoted by The New York Times, very loyal to the previous supplier. Therefore, after the company was "married", car manufacturers continue to buy components from the original supplier.
Renesas is the world's largest semiconductor manufacturer. Sales in fiscal year 2010 reached 1.06 trillion yen (approximately Rp 110 trillion). The company, 90 percent of its shares owned by joint NEC, Hitachi and Mitsubishi Electric. Hence, the first stage, the only Hitachi can not be told to supply air flow sensor to the factory car.
Special OrdersMikrokontrol car is a chip design perakat orders with different hardware. The device software must be designed in accordance with the specifications of the car. While the spec of each model of car - even variants - different.
"The size of this microcontroller is different. Because it is very difficult to switch to other suppliers and can not be done quickly. The most rapid take 6 months or more, "said Tom Startnes, analyst at Objective Analysis, a technology company who was interviewed for The New York Times.
"Special challenge. Software for instructions on various kinds of chips from one car to another factory, very special and different. The device software is not compatible, "beber Tomoaki Nakamura, who had watched in Hitachi's automotive electronics division and is now a vice president of research at IDC Japan, a marketing research company.
StandardizationCar manufacturers have their own standards and the public does not know much. This is very contrary to the corporate computer that determines the standard format for components like hard drives and data storage memory chips, microprocessors and operating systems such as Windows (Microsoft) or Macintosh (Apple).
For this reason, analysts say, the condition will now be learning for the world's car manufacturers to be more open with its software and setting standards. Actually, there have been recent desire among major car manufacturers in the United States, Europe and Japan to form a consortium to set standards mikrocip technology.
Two main groups of producers, namely AutoSAR and Genivi Alliance, focused set the standard software (software) danr electronic components for engines, transmissions, information and entertainment systems. Now, with a crisis like now, is expected to accelerate the process of unification of these standards. Another lesson, no longer simply rely on the Renesas.
"Long term, car manufacturers will continue to search for and add a major supplier," said Egil Juliussen, an electronics analyst at ISH car iSuppli, a research firm. "The crisis is once again pushing the car industry makes standardization. If not, that paralyzed major component suppliers, the production car will be hobbled as it is now!

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