MU does not want wasted one match this season

 Manchester United coach Alex Ferguson

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson considered, the match against West Ham United in the Premier League continued action on Saturday (02/04/2011), can not be considered one eye. This feels more considering the team in crisis at the back.

Manchester United (MU) is still firmly on top with 63 points. The position of the "Red Devils" are threatened by Arsenal because only five points clear of second ranked team. In addition, Arsenal have one match remaining profit more than MU. For that, he asked his troops to not miss any remaining games this season.

"One of the big game that we'll face is the fight on Saturday. Because we are a crisis in one area (defense), with eight games remaining, you should not exclude anyone. The most consistent team will win this fight. However, we do not may think much about it. The game is just as important as another game, "said Ferguson.

He was actually really helped to break the international break for two weeks. However, Ferguson insisted that was not enough time for the players who suffered injuries to get back in shape.

"I think, two weeks of rest will bring some of our players back from injury. That's right, but that's not enough for them to play against West Ham. We experienced a drastic decline, especially at right-back. We had to overcome and find appropriate solutions,

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