students in Yogyakarta in the drill by NII

Four college students in Yogyakarta were targeted recruitment of members of the banned Indonesian Islamic State (NII). This was revealed based on the information the FT (21), a private college student (PTS) in Yogyakarta, the alleged recruiter NII members, who were arrested on Thursday (21/04/2011) night.
FT, one member of the banned NII network, was arrested when police recruiting center in the area Karangmalang, Catur Tunggal, Depok, Sleman, Yogyakarta. At that time, the FT was met YT, students of private universities in Yogyakarta, and invited to join an organization.
However, YT suspicious because the were asked to pay Rp 400,000 for entry into the organization. Suspecting, YT reported to the RT where he kos. later, the board of RT reported it to police and made arrests.
Police chief Brigadier General DIY (Pol) Ondang Sutarsa ​​said, thanks to reports from citizens, it managed to secure a recruiter NII which is now a concern apparatus. Police investigators are currently developing this case based on the description of the suspect FT.
Police trying to find out as much as possible from the FT to uncover the NII network in Yogyakarta and surrounding areas.
"At least four campuses of the targeted recruitment of NII. However, I have not been able to explain college anywhere. Because, still in early stages of development. It seems that this network is related to the one in Jakarta. Means are logged in Yogyakarta," said Police Chief.
Therefore, the information chief of police, all components of the community, both from academia, the bureaucracy, as well as district and village heads to RT managers and citizens to work together to monitor each region and cooperate with the police to do the anticipation for this network not develop.
"We appealed to all parties to work together, work together. Therefore, the preferred recruitment of students and many students in Yogyakarta,

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