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Making the web today is a trend that can not be avoided. Similarly, with a web blog that is tailored to the needs of users and  a trend long enough. Due to a very specific function that is become a kind of diary for Internet users. So the blog is a web  specific frequently used for a variety of needs each day. There are  used for promotional media, hobbies, information or just write the private media.  How to make it not too difficult that is required is that you have email  as a condition of registration. By using the Internet go to this address: www.blogger.com is the initial address to register or to edit  ready-made blog. The first blog page will appear as shown in Figure 1. 
 1. Register  
To apply first click on the "create your blog now" there are 3 listed  steps to create a blog that is:   
  a. Create an account  
  b. Giving the name of the blog    
  c. Selecting templates
 Figure 1 Home Blog
For the first step (Figure 2) makes accaount on a blog using the email that we have and will automatically have a google account. Fill in the email with the correct password along with email that we have and then type the number in the picture then click next.
Figure 2 Create Account
Then enter the second step to give the web name (must be no spaces) and give the title of the blog as the title is "This My Blog" and its web name is kakashi-Bayoe will be formed a new blog address with the web address: kakashibayoe. blogspot.com. Form giving the names and titles can be seen in Figure 3
Then on the third step is to choose the desired template, which is required adalam menchek point on the template that has been listed on the template options (Figure 4).
Figure 4 Selecting a Template
After selecting the template is completed then it is finished also blog created by a notification from the blog with a blog has been formed (Figure 5).
To start posting (writing a column comments) click start posting then we will towards filling pages of posts. This page (Figure 6) we fill the post title you want and comments from the posts that we make.
Figure 7 Success Posting
Then click publish to upload to the server we are writing blogs. If the page appears as in Figure 7, the sign we've managed to write one post. So the next blog we will have one post and can we add the next post when editing the blog.
Figure 8 Display Home Blog
Views blog that has been so would be like a figure 8 and for editing through this view by click on costumize.

2. Editing Blog
 Have a blog of course does not mean we can not edit it. For the purpose of the blog itself as a "diary" so that if necessary edited every day. To edit if from the beginning is the same as at the time of registration which is entered in column www.blogger.com and login to the username is filled full email address and the email password in the password field, then click login.
Figure 9 Editing the Blog
In this editing page that is on the "Add and Arrange Page Elements" we can easily edit the look we want. We can drag to switch display less in accordance with our wishes. We can edit satupersatu keomentar and titles of the posts that already exist. We can also add new element to our blog for example add an image or link and so forth. For see our edits click on the preview.

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