William married a very festive-Kate

Prince William and Kate Middleton finally officially became husband and wife after the wedding procession of the sacred and touching in Westminster Abbey, London.

Prince William first arrived at Westminster Abbey. He got out of a black Rolls-Royce accompanied by her brother, Prince Harry. William looked dashing army colonel wearing a red Irish Guards. He waved briefly to the mass prior to entry into the convent.

About a half hour later, she arrived at Westminster from Göring Hotel where he and his family was staying. He wore a simple white wedding dress. Her hair looks decorated with a tiara, the aura radiates beauty.

Kate walked down the aisle accompanied by her father's wedding, Michael Middleton. Hymn 'I was Glad' is playing when the wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana in 1981, played to accompany her back as she walked down the aisle.

Arriving at the altar, William had whispered to Kate. Shortly afterwards, the wedding procession begins led by Archbishop Canterburry, Rowan Douglas Williams. The procession begins with the singing of church songs.

After singing the song, the Archbishop led the William and Kate's marriage vows. Both oath smoothly, without any mistakes. William and Kate looked at each other as well as promised to each other faithfully.

The reading of the pledge followed by the exchange rings and pray. Then they officially declared as husband and wife. William and Kate next to the aisle seat on the altar of Westminster that has been provided for them. Both sat down and carefully follow the next procession.

No events lip kiss each other in this procession in Westminster Abbey. That they will do on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, after the wedding procession, in front of thousands of British public. (eh)

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