1976 Honda Civic automatic with an open roof design

Civic open-topped 1976 with the addition of this coupling may be made a senior engineer at Honda next to a sign of raised eyebrows in surprise. They are confused and trying to convince himself that he, a friend, or a Honda company never produced such a car. It's true. It's just Justin and Twyla engineering March, a couple from Richmond, British Columbia, Canada.
"I built Honda Civic 1976 automatic transmission with an open roof design for my wife. Initially, the car was full of rust, but my wife likes," said Justin.
Twyla then added that, even before the drawings were made, they both have found the Civic 1978 which wants to split it and made tow.
For countries such as Canada, looking for spare parts old Honda Civic is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Difficult, but there. They started this development project with main focus on the machine. For that Twyla and Justin then flew them to New Zealand Civic, where their parents.
"With U.S. $ 10,000 of credit card, we found quite a lot of stuff in there. Besides the engine, there is also a fitting Alpine sound system," said Twyla.
One of the souvenirs from New Zealand was the engine of the Civic D16Z6 1995, which was converted completely. Since this is also the standard engine with a capacity of 1.2 liters were lifted. Any engine development takes approximately seven months.
The machine was subsequently accompanied by the radiator and air filter SB1 SB1 Motorsports Motorsports, specially filmed pipes, fuel pump Ford Motorsports, until the SS HKS blow-off valve. Meanwhile, the legs fitted with KYB shocks and as of SB1 Motorsports as a counterweight.
Orange paint is the paint for the Isuzu, which is then poured over a framework specific claim.
Skip to the trailer, baggage from the Civic pieces function like the original. The remaining space used as a store room with a cover made from a similar open-close roof on the car puller. They also added a large crate in front of the bars tow hooks. All that makes a maximum power savings.
"One time we went camping from Canada to California. All the goods get into the trailer. This is not about old cars.

source: kompas

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