Apple has been informed that no plans to release iPhone in June and July time frame

Within two months the iPhone Apple is rumored to be launching 5. But the issue seems to be a rumor only.

MacRumors says it has received word from AT & T that there is no plan from Apple to release iPhone in June or 5 in Julis.

"Apple has told us that they are not planning to release the iPhone in the time frame of June to July, although there will be a newer version in the future. Unfortunately, we were not given release time for thea new mobile phone . Wewill release this information at our website if available to us, "said a source at AT & T, which was reported by TG Daily, Friday (5/6/2011).

Previously, a technology site Engadget editor, Joshua Topolsky, showing prototypes iPhone 5 based on information from various sources.

Apple allegedly fifth-generation iPhone will launch late next year. Many agree that the iPhone 5 is not going to much different than the iPhone 4 that have been circulating today. Basically, Apple is only going to upgrade to a number of specifications.

According Topolsky, screen size which is slightly larger 3.7-inch, though still maintaining the existing resolution. While the sharpness of the pixels will change from 326 to 321ppi.

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