believes in it or not black falcon is the fastest motorcycle

Perhaps the phrase is very appropriate when pinned on the Black Falcon. Old motor is re-appear fresh and challenging. Falcon Motorcycle protagonist is what makes this old motor appear more energetic. The unique design home modifications disclosed try home in Los Angeles, California, United States. Just look at the framework that sustains the Black Falcon. Motorcycle Falcon tried to display the slender body on this motor, therefore the framework that is made has smaller dimensions than the frame-frame bike generally made ​​sturdy. The unique design also be on view through the suspension system. Front, in addition to two upright iron frame size prop the front, there are two bars again as a booster and penyeimbangnya. While the rear suspension, there is a tiny shock that are positioned horizontally in which the seat frame which also supports a cradle that connects the shock is in the middle frame. To reinforce the impression of a vintage, then some components that are used as the model dizamannya. This can be seen in the headlights, tanks, seats, wheels fingers to still use drum brakes. Black Falcon breathe with the machine alerts Vincent Black Shadow 1959. Although this machine is fairly old but with a polish that was so neat appearance are now very beautiful. Black Falcon old machine capable of blowing power 75 horsepower. Believe it or not motor with two fuel tanks are capable belari up to a maximum speed of 140 mph.

source: okezone

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