BMW 328 original model is very attractive

The model is now based on the roadster study Vision ConnectedDrive is already displayed in Geneva. For the display looks retro and futuristic impressed, BMW designers took certain elements from the original 328 model. Like the slim design, dual vertical grille, leather strap over the hood, style wheels, dual front glass with coakan in the middle, and the doors that mimic the model 328. Most of the exterior and interior are made of plastic material reinforced with carbon fiber so that BMW claims the car is very light and more stable than aluminum. Looking interior, two seat has a touch of retro. The material used for interior including carbon fiber, leather, and aluminum. From beneath the hood, sitting heart pacemaker with a capacity of 3.0 liter inline six. Material from carbon fiber reinforced plastic which is also used on the BMW M6 and M3 models.

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