chip war three nation competition

Chip War is a feature that is the biggest competition in RF Online. Chip War is a battle of the Nation vs. Nation vs Nation (Accretia vs Bellato vs. Cora). Every nation in RF Online want fight Crag Mine Central region, to control the mines.

Crag Mine Scramble Central region performed every 8 hours (can be changed according to the rules of RF Online ) in the Chip War. Chip War At the start of battle, every nation will have a chip on their headquarters. To win the Chip War is a nation must destroy one of the nation's headquarters control chip Chip opponent and the opponent to bring his own headquarters.
Chip Control functions to control the "Holy Stone Keeper" for some time. Holy Guardian Stone Keeper is a monster who lives in Central Crag Mine. He has enormous strength and defense that can not be killed.

Chip War Nations winner will have control over the Holy Stone Keeper, so that a nation that can do mining in Central Crag Mine and obtain protection from the Holy Stone Keeper of attack by other nations.

Mine in the Central region Crag Mine will get the mines and minerals that much better than mine elsewhere. because the mine from Cental craigmen forging results can be used to upgrade weapons and armor.
Archon is the leader of the nation. Achon has a special aura that can be viewed by anyone. Archon has a representative in charge of organizing the course of the fighting and help the Archon in leading the nation. Archon and its representatives elected from the 30 players who have the rank (Contribution Points) highest in the nation.

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