EX1 electric concept car to the track toughest Nurburgring-Nordschleife in Germany

Peugeot took the bold step to bring electric concept car to the track toughest EX1 Nurburgring-Nordschleife in Germany. The goal, rather than to enjoy the fun at the track world that are categorized as heavy, but the principals of the French want to break the lap record for fastest electric car.

To achieve that ambition, Peugeot trust Stephane Caillet for speeding EX1. With a length of track 20.8 km (12.92 km) in one round, Stephane record fastest time of 9 minutes 1.333 seconds with an average speed of 138.324 miles per hour. WIGE According to Performance, a group in charge of recording time on the track Nordschleife, EX1 successful results achieved confirmed the new record.

While the previous record carved by the MINI E electric car with a best time of 9 minutes 51.45 seconds. "The weather was not supportive," so the release of the Peugeot of their time records.

EX1 roadster concept driven by a pair of electric motors. Each unit in the axle mounted electric motor that drives the two wheels with 170 PS power. Means, with two units of electric motor four wheel drive (4WD) with a total of 340 PS and 240Nm of torque. Energy sources derived from lithium-ion battery capable of high.

source: kompas

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