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The 30 Seconds to Mars are an American group founded in 1998 by Jared Leto (vocals and guitar) and brother Shannon Leto (drums). The general membership of the band is much discussed, though some sources define the group as an alternative rock [2], others within insericono instead of the third and most recent kind of derivation of the current hardcore punk known as emo [4] [5 ]. Certain elements of the band's sound has also led to associate it with the so-called progressive rock [3], while the popular online database All Music Guide prefers the further definition of post-grunge [1].
Created in 1998 by Jared Leto with his brother, Shannon, 30 Seconds to Mars began as a small family project. Things, however, began to grow quickly, and Matt Wachter joined the band as bassist. After a change of guitarists (as the group's first two guitarists, Kevin Drake and Solon Bixler, left the band in a short time), the three Tomo Milicevic invited to join the group. Miličević also plays keyboards and is also a professional violinist.
The group's name from an interview on Virgin Records:
"We have found on the Internet of the theories of a Harvard professor, on the advanced technology. One of the theories under was called "Thirty Seconds to Mars" and we have chosen because we feel in 30 seconds from mars and we think this name represents well our music [6]. " (Jared, Shannon and Matt explain the band name)
Surprisingly, though Leto is a Hollywood actor of decent reputation, prefer not to use his name to ensure the popularity of the band. Besides, does not want that attention is focused on him rather than on the rest of the group and refuses to play in local use his name to promote the evenings.
The impact of their new sound - described by critics as apocalyptic, March and devastating [3] - does not go unnoticed and Puddle of Mudd, even before the album comes out, they are called to open the concerts.

30 Seconds to Mars (2002-2005) The debut album, 30 Seconds to Mars, produced by Bob Ezrin, was released in August 2002 and was acclaimed by critics. However, according to Billboard, has sold over 100,000 copies in the U.S. [citation needed], mainly due to the lack of promotion. The album was preceded by the single "Capricorn (A Brand New Name)" and goes right to the top of the list of American debut, the Billboard Heatseekers' chart and the Mainstream Rock Tracks reached the thirty-first position. Subsequently produced "Edge of the Earth."
After a tour as support to Incubus, MTV America invites you to the program "Campus Invasion" and their visibility rises. Like the band, brings a breath of fresh air and a fresh attitude while retaining typical rock'n'roll.

A Beautiful Lie (2005-2008) Shannon Leto at Guitar Center's Drum-Off 2008 Finals.Nonostante the modest success, due largely to poor sales, the band has not given up.
Their second album, A Beautiful Lie, was released on August 30, 2005. The development of the second album took three years of time and many trips across four continents. Production was headed by Josh Abraham, producer of Orgy, Linkin Park, Velvet Revolver, in collaboration with the Jared Leto. The album after a few months he has sold more than 580,000 copies.
Because A Beautiful Lie has been placed online five months before its official release, the band decided to include two bonus tracks: "Battle of One" (an original song that was to be the album's title track, the first time was announced) and "Hunter" (a cover of Björk). To better promote the album, were included the "golden passes" in a certain number of copies, which provide their holders access to free concerts by 30 Seconds to Mars and access to the backstage.
After doing a support for groups like Audioslave and Seether in April 2006 the band started the first headlining tour, called Forever Night, Never Day
In September 2005, A Beautiful Lie was certified gold by the RIAA for selling more than 500,000 copies. In January 2006, A Beautiful Lie was certified platinum by the RIAA for selling over one million copies. In 2006 the band won the MTV Video Music Awards "Best MTV 2" for "The Kill (Bury Me)". The second nomination was for "Best Rock Video", but won with the AFI "Miss Murder". On November 20, 2006 2 launch the premiere of the MTV video for "From Yesterday" video is the first ever allowed to shoot a video in China [7]. In October, the band opened their Welcome to the Universe tour, sponsored by MTV 2. Matt said that the tour was "Environmentally Sound" [8].
In March 2007, during a concert in El Paso, Texas, Jared Leto announced that it would be the last gig with Matt Wachter of 30 Seconds to Mars, and he dedicated the last song, "Attack". The main motivation seems to be the abandonment of his need to spend more time with his family. Jared and the other components in its decision, stating that this would never change the love they feel for Matt. A few weeks later, Tim Kelleher joined the band, replacing Matt in concert, but not joining the band officially.
The band won the TRL Awards, April 14, 2007, "Best New Artist".
The 30 Seconds to Mars won the MTV Australia Video Music Awards, April 29, 2007, with the video "The Kill (Bury Me)" in the "Video of the Year and Best Rock Video" (the video had already won many awards and had several nominations for MTV, Fuse, mtvU, and Billboard in the U.S.). The music video was directed by Jared, with the pseudonym of Bartholomew Cubbins. In 2007, 30 Seconds to Mars explode musically in the old continent and especially in Italy. Are candidates for two EMA'S 2007 for "Rock Out" and "Inter Act". To receive the prize "Rock Out" presents Jared Leto, in phone link with Shannon and Tomo from California, thanking fans and the Echelon of the fact of having arrived at that point. On March 22, 2008, 30 Seconds to Mars won yet another gold record for A Beautiful Lie in South Africa. In 2008 the band won the award for "Video Star" for "A Beautiful Lie" at the MTV Asia Awards, two awards to the Kerrang! Awards in the categories "Best International Band" and "Best Single" award and "Mejor Artist Internacional Rock" at the MTV Video Music Awards Latin America also were held on November 6 in Liverpool, the fourteenth edition of the MTV Europe Music Awards and 30 Seconds to Mars have won both awards in which they were nominated: "Rock Out", which follows the winning of the 2007, and "Star Video" for "A Beautiful Lie"

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