iPad tablet device made ​​by Apple managed to occupy the top ranking.

Only in less than a month, Compass application Editors' Choice is designed specifically for Apple iPad tablet device successfully occupied the top ranking.
Compass Editors' Choice tops the most popular applications for all categories. In fact, the popularity of the application beyond its own flagship application, such as congenital iPad iBooks and popular applications such as The New York Times.
welcome to the Compass application iPad very positive, as evidenced by the increasing number of downloads than 1,300 times in the first week, 1600 in the second week, and is still rising today.
Based on official data from the Apple App Store, since the first appearance on 2 July to 1 August, Compass Editors' Choice has been downloaded 5851 times as many from around the world. Top downloads come from users of Indonesia, that is equal to 3947 times, 1143 times following the U.S., Australia 237 times, 111 times in Singapore and other countries.

Applications Compass Editors' Choice became available for free at Apple App Store since July 2, 2010. Currently, the application presents a digital version rubrics Kompas daily selection of multimedia in the form of a richer with the addition of video, interactive graphics, and photo gallery. Published five days a week (Monday-Friday), Kompas editions Editors' Choice can be saved and enjoyed it offline without having to always connect to the internet.
"In the near future there will be some improvements and enhanced features. The system will be improved content delivery networks to provide fast access and expedite the download process. Secondly, there will be a resume feature so users do not need to download from the beginning if the process fails in the middle. Then the other features, related article, related story, and the related photo

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