Nokia and Rovio develop new versions of the game Angry Birds

Nokia and Rovio game Angry Birds develop a new version that provides even better gaming experience with tech support near field communication (NFC). Technology short-range wireless data transfer will not be used to conduct payment transactions, but to connect the user's game Angry Birds from two different phones.
Angry Birds Free with Magic will be provided free of charge on Nokia phones based on Symbian C7 which is equipped with NFC chips. C7 phones will get the game automatically once the upgrade to the latest platform called the Symbian Anna. Nokia is currently upgrading the Symbian software products for Nokia type C7 could adopt this technology.
"C7 is just the beginning. We want to create an open ecosystem that means we will partner with the banks, payment services, and others," says Sixten Sandstroem, Nokia Manager is responsible for the development of this technology, are like reported by Bloomberg, on Wednesday (4 / 5 / 2011).
C7 Nokia users can enjoy the game with the Magic Angry Birds Free up to 5 levels first. To be able to play at a higher level, they must find another player with a mobile phone equipped with NFC technology. Stay activate the game and hold each other, five the next level will open. To open the next five levels of the game, users must perform the same steps with the owners of other similar phones.
"We will make mobile users aware of the extent to which NFC technology can bring," said Matthew Wilson, Marketing Manager Rovio Espoo.
NFC technology has been developed by Nokia since 2004 to become the standard. NFC is the technology of the future will be the means to pay that function like credit cards or debit cards. This technology is the development of card technology, radio frequency identification (RFID). With this NFC technology, mobile phone users that support this technology just to stay closer to the terminal cell phone when they want to do payment transactions.
Previously, Google has been pushing the NFC since the release of Nexus S that uses the Android platform 2.3 or Gingerbread. Research in Motion Ltd. (RIM), manufacturer of BlackBerry, has also introduced the BlackBerry Bold 9900 and 9930 that have supported this NFC technology.

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