The Witcher 2 ", a game for adults only

The Witcher 2 ", a game with a genre of role playing game (RPG) developed CDProjekt, have been released since May 17, 2011 for computer, XBOX 360, and Playstation 3. One suggestion, do not buy this game titles to children under age because it has adult content.
One of them, sexuality. The first ten minutes, is rumored to already have a scene depicting a naked woman though not shown frontally. Not yet confirmed a similar content was also present in other parts in the game. However, it is reasonably suspected to be filled from the first series of the game with the protagonist, Geralt of Rivia, which was released in 2007.
This game is not completely indulgence in sensuality. In it there is a heavy story line and have not encountered in any other RPG game on the market. No indulgence in stereotypes commonly encountered, The Witcher 2 has a theme of politics and power struggles and is told without hesitate. In addition to adult themes, in which the dialogue is also sprinkled with curses inserts without refined. Inside there are also scenes of sadistic, like a severed head, until visualization Pried Loose eye and neck was slashed.
Witcher is defined as a monster hunter who study special training and undergo body modifications at an early age in order to have supernatural abilities so they can fight the tough monsters and stay safe. It is the result of Andrezj Sapkowski fiction, a fiction writer from Poland. Previous Witcher appear as characters in his short stories before later adapted into a film and television series.
The Witcher Geralt second place in the struggle for power in Temeria, an imaginary country, with the setting of time that begins after the first series ended, ie with an assassination attempt on King Foltest, Temeria leader. In this series, Geralt will face a similar Witcher named Kingslayer.

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