Car Zenvo ST-1 50S Will Enter In The United States

United States will bring up a super car from Denmark, Zenvo ST-1 50S is a very expensive car sales between U.S. $ 1.8 million. Super car manufacturers made cars Zenvo Automotive coming to American soil also has greater power than the ability of ST-1 50S Zenvo that exist in Europe. Strength Zenvo ST-1 50S now increased from 144 bhp to 1233 bhp 1089 bhp with a torque also increased from 1055 to 1106 lb-ft lb-ft. The ability of that obtained from the ear of a V8 engine which is equipped with a turbocharged and supercharged. This machine has a capacity of 7.0 liters is juxtaposed with a 7 speed automatic transmission. And although the use of automatic transmissions, the ability of ST-1 50S Zenvo accelerates automatic car is not slow like in general. For ST-1 50S Zenvo can accelerate from rest to 100 km per hour in less than 3 seconds. Inside the car, the Zenvo Automotive is ready to give seats monogram and a hint of time-made in Switzerland worth 30 thousand pounds. 


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