Ipad Still Leading in The market

According to survey results, the iPad was still leading as the most popular tablets on the market, so it may be said as the majority of sales and get the most attention from the tablet-specific application developers. But perhaps the most striking statistics comes from comScore, which has just released figures on the tablet wara wiri in Internet traffic. A leading online analyst firm stated that 97 percent of web traffic in the U.S. initiated through the device and the tablet comes from the iPad iPad 2. While the closest competitor is Android, followed by the Blackberry, each barely make a mark on the scale. Of course, to give some context to these figures seem incredible, comScore also take a step back and count how many total Internet traffic is actually driven by the tablet. ComScore meyebutkan only 1.8 percent of all the online browsing activity in the U.S. comes from the tablet, while 93.3 percent came from computers and 4.6 percent comes from mobile phones. In the latter category, Android wins, with a recent comScore rankings shows that the Android phone controls 54 percent of all mobile Web traffic, compared with only 36 per cent for the iPhone

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