Latest Opel models beginning to offer small SUV and crossover variants

The latest variant of the Opel offers a variant of small crossover hatchback and SUV proportions. Because, every European car manufacturers already have such models. Opel also plans to develop it by testing the Baby Reuters. Reported that, the model is based on the Opel Antara Corsa. At the front, the light will borrow from the language of the new design that looks at the symbol. There is also a Chevrolet version of Sonic, which is being tested in Korea, as the birthplace of the Chevrolet Cruze and the Chevrolet Beat. Opel plans to launch this model in 2011 and will enter a new market segment. They believe that the segment will continue to grow, as more buyers to consider models of cars. Opel Antara also be fuel efficient and adapt to the style of driving in urban areas. Opel displays the expected four-cylinder engine, with 140 hp 1.4-liter turbo. Baby Between himself will fight Older seperri Fiesta SUV market, Nissan Juke and Audi Q3.
source: okezone

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