HTC Flyer quality of the market

With the presence of Apple, all will change the world with a computing device 15 months ago with the now-iconic iPad. We're all just getting to grips with mobile devices that are defined by our Blackberry, iPhone, Android phones and laptops, and there came another form factor to disrupt the apple cart: a touchscreen tablet. It took a while for the rest of the market to start playing catch-up, but now rivals that appear thick and fast. Among these, the Galaxy The tax was first out of the gate late last year. And now comes Flyer from HTC. Both 7 "tablet that runs a modified version of Android for mobile phones. Flyer, being newer devices, running 2.3.3 or Gingerbread, and Samsung is currently running 2.2 or Froyo, but the upgrade should be available soon. Both of these devices is a great phone , except that the Flyers have the HTC dialer and can not make calls. I tried to install one and it will not work. The similarities end there. HTC has carved-from-single-piece aluminum cases, be solved by plastic inserts top and bottom. Insert on the loose, with some difficulty, to take the Micro SD card and your SIM card. Flyer is a classic HTC. It looks like HTC phones go to the gym, take some substances do not have to have, and there you have it, a great phone. The benefit is that it instantly recognizable as a HTC. I took the test five Gadget Flyer through the user questions to see how it fares in a competitive marketplace. 

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