New features for facebook blackberry

The new look of Research In Motion (RIM) facebook for blackberry totally changed now with the look of one of their applications are more popular than before, the Facebook for Blackberry. In the updated version, Facebook appears far more complete chat with fellow Facebook members.

Viewed in terms of interface

On the top right there is the logo of Facebook, which is directed there when the cursor will appear again the entire application is contained in the Facebook for BlackBerry. In the left pane, there are features including email notification and status.

Can chat with users of Facebook.

This feature is arguably the most anticipated features of the Canadian smartphone users. Because chat with fellow Facebook users, was first present in IOS and Android platform. It comes with the chat feature is very interesting. Facebook chat is present with similar userinterface other Instant Messaging on BlackBerry. even when there is an incoming message, there will be a special notification.

Share 'news feed'

One more breakthrough presented in this BlackBerry Facebook updates, the 'Share'. These shared features users can send all status or any news from fellow members in the form of email, Yahoo Messenger, or BlackBerry Messenger.

source: okezone

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