Touring car racing in (Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters)

Car racing in the country will enliven the German Mercedes-Benz and Audi with a touring car races (Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters), Mercedes will have a new competitor which is BMW, BMW has very good quality for the race dijerman later, the challenge between rivals Mercedes and BMW back into the circuit in 2012 after the last participating in 1994. M3 kupe black carbon fiber body with a good aerodynamic package, performance implies that fierce look. And race cars will be on display at the Frankfurt Motor Show next September. Kupe M3 is equipped with a V8 engine which has a maximum power of 480 HP. "BMW's return to the (Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters) not just lip service, but get to the roots," said board member Dr. Klaus Daeger. According to Klaus, BMW will face a major competitor in the premium class and we have enjoyed great success in the past.

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