Unique an astronaut into space carrying a cell phone

An astronaut took the phone i-phone 4 and Android into space shuttle Atlantis mission, launched on Friday (08/07/2011). Both the Samsung Nexus S will be used to perform some experiments. Nexus S will be used as a computing center micro satellite called SPHERE (Synchronized Position Hold, Engage, Reorient, Experimental Satellites). These satellites hovering in space station and tested to perform various activities that help astronauts tasks such as surveying the warehouse or room by room inspection. By adding a smartphone, we can change the SPHERE smarter again. With a smartphone, SPHERE has a built in camera to take photos and video, sensors to perform a number of inspections, a sophisticated computing unit to perform calculations, and the WiFi connection that is used to transfer data in real time in outer space and to the mission control , "said DW Wheeler, chief engineer at the Robotics Research Group of the Ames Research Center, NASA in California, USA. SPHERE is an artificial satellite MIT collaboration the U.S. DoD and NASA. Now there are three satellites in use since shipped in 2006. System computing is used is much lower than smartphones. However, the designer provides a port that allows the addition of other devices. Nexus S is the first smartphone certified to be added to that port. If Nexus S increasing sophistication of SPHERE, the iPhone 4 will be used to conduct experiments based smartphone Lab for Space applications through IOS. The application is designed to test the camera, gyroscope and other sensors in space. One of the experiments were also conducted to test the effects of space radiation on computer memory.

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