Design of Ferrari cars for the year 2025 with the concept of EGO

Ferarrai by issuing a new concept car, the EGO (Emotional Generation One) The concept was dreamed of as a compact sports car focused on the emotional content and the driving experience. The concept of the next generation of Ferrari is the pencil by designers such as Salvatore Simonetti, Ferrari EGO concepts presented by Car Body Design as lightweight supercar for 2025 that aims to combine extreme performance and strong emotional content with the traditions and beauty of a Ferrari.

Shell, as in most racing cars, are carbon composites. Exterior lines defined by the separation of the volume defined by the ascending line, inspired by models of Ferrari limited series. Front end with hood proeminent stand, which gives the impression that it extends to embrace the windshield. The back of this concept is practically dominated by the spoiler and circular LED tail lights, carbon fiber is highlighted by a dark surface.



  1. hohohooo... nice artikel sobat .....
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  2. @ Mufu_ed : sometime ,,, if we so officials must be the best car ..
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