Display taillights spotted brown Porsche 911Carrera

Spotted brown car Porsche 911 is the latest in along spyshots cars, sportscars from the display 911, is the greatest race car display. This car modified with style display dijerman spotted at the lights behind the car by the rendering of the German publication Auto Bild, slanted design featuring the red light that has never been seen before. The video was shot at a gas station next Stuttgart showed that 911 does have a very nice feature
Car 911 is colored brown, which means showing that Porsche is making it back to the color palette used in the '80s. in the era of the heyday of the 928, which is also making a comeback in the form of the Panamera coupe should arrive in about three years. Targa top sports cars also we have promised, although only large retractable glass roof, and not the design division we have hoped for. We will be able to see the designs in full next month in Frankfurt, but until then, just enjoy the 'chocolate' video.

Source: autoevolution.com


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