Evos, performed with style and classic GT fastback

Germany better known as the Internationale Automobil Austellung (IAA) will display the appearance of the concept car Ford hybrid cars are very attractive with the name of Evos.

GT Classic & Gullwing
Seeing the Concept Evos appearance, similar to the classic two-door GT car. In fact, Evos is designed fastback cars (rear ramps) four doors and four seats. Ford called it a new design concept or vision. Admittedly, the appearance of the more interesting and innovative Evos because all four doors, open like the wings of seagulls (gullwing). For propulsion, the hybrid Ford's reliable technology plug-in (PHEV) with a source of energy lithium-ion battery and gasoline engine (not specified capacity and ability). Furthermore, the car is equipped with various advanced technologies that deliver a new experience for the driver. Evos brings together three key elements that became the core of One Ford global strategy: the design is very attractive, smart technology and economical fuel consumption, "said Derrick Kuzak, Vice President of Global Product Pegembangan Ford. Added, the concept of Evos have never been seen on the road and will become the benchmark product for Ford's next-generation models that are marketed worldwide.

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