Russian manufacturers make a car unique auto-Yo

Yo-Auto car manufacturer, the manufacturer of the Russian making more unique this car is almost like Korean cars. The concept sounds very imaginative, is one of three hybrid models from the country of origin and white bears that will be introduced to the public as a vehicle of the future.

The design is quite innovative, especially door models are shifted up. Interestingly, the position of the door rather than outside the body, like most now, but inside the body. So that the rear glass is very small. Then, the windshield extends contrived to the roof (through the front seat).

The interior can fit four adults, with a little back room of relief. This is because the thin design of the front seat.

The car driven by a hybrid power system works, he said with a GM (Volt). So, there is a pair of electric motors and batteries as a source of energy supplies, plus a conventional engine.

source: carscoop