Chevrolet Spark EV (Electric Vechile) will appear in early 2013

American car manufacturer, will soon produce preach Chevrolet Chevrolet Spark EV (Electric Vechile) in early 2013. Currently, the car is currently in testing by the General Motors (GM) in the United States.

"Spark EV will be offered at public city that has a plan for city driving only disekitaran only and will not go away. This car is also complete line of electric cars including the Chevrolet Volt ectended-range EV and Eco Malibu with the 2013 model eAssist technology," explained Jim Federico, global vehicle chief enginner for electric vehicles, the Chevrolet.

Furthermore, the electric car is planned to be marketed in several states including California United States alone. Because, people prefer to drive there with melee.

Electric cars made ​​by Chevrolet version is designed as an urban electric car. And GM has targeted 2000 as the manufacturer of the Chevrolet Spark units of electricity for the U.S. automotive market.

Regarding the pacemaker kitchen car is equipped with lithium-ion battery with 300 cells with a total energy capacity of 20 kWh. Thus the battery can work with temperatures of minus 20 degrees to 45 degrees and can be recharged in less than eight hours using a 240V electric power.

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  1. Spark turning electric means fuel efficient too on other hand it is attractive, distinctively shaped front headlights and round tail lights define its unique character. A combination of short body overhangs, a steeply rising shoulder line and converging lines at the front, make the Spark a real head-turner.

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