semiconductor materials

In the knowledge of electrical engineering materials are known three types of material, ie material conductor, semiconductor materials and insulator materials. Conductor materialshaveproperties of high electrical leads, the conductor material used for cable or wireconductor of electricity, like copper, aluminum, iron, steel, etc.. materialsemiconductor properties can be conductive or it can also have propertiesinhibit the electrical current depends on the condition given external voltage, the semiconductor material is a component manufacturingTransistor, Diode, thyristor, triac, GTO
Some semiconductor materials are silicon (Si), germanium (Ge), gallium arsenic(GeAs), indium antimonid (InSb), cadmium sulfid (CdS) and siliciumcarbid (SiC),etc.. Insulator material has good electrical properties inhibit, used as insulators inelectrical equipment, for example ceramics, porcelain, PVC, paper, etc.. Electronic components are widely used in the electrical engineering industry is the thyristor

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