2019, astronauts could Landing on Asteroid

A plane that NASA planned to shuttle vehicles to the international space station (international space station - ISS) on display today.

Just like regular aircraft, commercial aircraft will be transporting the astronauts who want to visit the space station back and forth.

The aircraft was named Orion. He will operate commercially after the project worth U.S. $ 100 billion (equivalent to Rp870 trillion) was signed by U.S. President Barack Obama. If successful, the ISS could become a new haven option for humans while on vacation.

In between exhibitions plane today, NASA is also expressed his hope that the spacecraft will also be able to run long-term mission to examine asteroid at least starting in 2019. Leading to it, while this Orion will only support the mission trip to the ISS above the Earth's orbit.

To facilitate this, a design expert named Lockheed Martin to build a very large test area in Waterton Canyon, South Denver, where the Orion can practice maneuvers.

Just to note, Lockheed Martin was appointed as main contractor for NASA's Orion project. The company claims to have spend U.S. $ 35 million (equivalent to Rp304 billion) to build a test facility covering an area of ​​41,000 square meters. This facility is called the Space Operations Simulation Center.

Indeed, Orion is part of the mission to the moon which was approved former U.S. President George W Bush a $ 100 billion (equivalent to Rp870 trillion). The mission was named Constellation.

However, last year, U.S. President Barack Obama to cancel the mission. The reason, according to Obama, the space program not only focuses on a more advanced rocket technology.

Lapse of two months, Orion again operated. Not to continue the same mission, but as an escape vehicle to the space station.

NASA reportedly is considering to add at least two more spacecraft designed to fly low Earth orbit to serve the shuttle service to the space station. The long-term mission is to land a man into an asteroid in space.

Orion's first space flight is expected to begin in 2013. Meanwhile, his mission to land a man on top of an asteroid with two other new planes will begin six years later.

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