Ancestor of Man is Alien Mars?

Mars became the focus of attention in the context of human space exploration. There are two things that look out of the red planet: whether there is life there, and whether Mars could be human colonies, if later on Earth could not sustain life.
But the latest research being done by intelligent scientists from two world renowned universities, MIT and Harvard was more advanced and revolutionary. Want to prove whether there is a chance the tree of life on Earth has a root on Mars. The researchers also created an instrument to prove that allegation.
The instrument is called the Search for Extra-Terrestrial or SETG Genome. Instruments are being developed that will examine samples of dust from Mars, isolating the genetic material that may exist - in the form of insects or other living things that died a few million years ago.
With this instrument, scientists can use standard biochemical techniques to analyze each genetic sequence generated and compares the findings on Earth.
"This long-term project," said researchers from MIT, Chris Carr as published "Jikan later we found no association with the Earth, the Earth could be a creature from Mars. Or vice versa, starting from Earth and sent to Mars."
The idea that living organisms on Earth came from Mars might not exist in the minds of everyone. However, this is not a crazy idea.
For, though the current Martian surface cool, dry, and without life - there is plenty of evidence the planet is warmer and wetter billions of years ago.
Just as on Earth, when all life depends on water. Ancient Mars may have been a supporter of some form of life - perhaps even before Earth. Similarly, the researchers said.
If this happens, Martian microbes might have been mengkolonialisasi Earth, when a giant asteroid off to Mars and making the particles spurted and then experienced travel between rooms. The researchers estimate there are 1 billion tons of Martian rocks that traveled in those years.
And microbes that are very strong, so it may be that some of them could have survived the asteroid impact and toward her new home on another planet. Car added, orbital dynamics show is 100 times easier to Mars rocks to Earth than vice versa.
However, Carr said, very little chance to find something on the surface of Mars. Ways you can do is dig. "There are two possibilities, Mars has life or not at all. But we want to make sure."
Meanwhile, U.S. space agency was optimistic opinion of the scientists. "It makes no sense that life on Mars associated with life on Earth - and called that the two planets share the genetics," said astrobiologist from NASA's Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, California, Chris McKay. However, "in any case, it will be important to test this hypothesis."
Chavez: Capitalism Annihilate Mars Life
If the scientists based their theory of life on Mars with some scientific facts, whatever that is in the head of Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez when he says: "capitalism to end life on Mars."
"I always say, well listen, not strange if Mars did have a civilization. But maybe there came capitalism, imperialism, and see what he does on this planet," he said Tuesday, March 22, 2011, as published Irish Times.
Laughter of the audience the president's speech this quirky formations. However, Chavez has cleverly parse his words mean it. He warned that the same process with Mars, environmental degradation is happening on Earth.
"See! Be careful! Here on planet Earth, land hundreds of years ago is a dense forest into dry-baked. River of the desert everywhere. How is the progress of risk risked life on this planet, not the long term, but even in the medium term.

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