After Miyabi, Aoi Sora's Turn Play in Indonesia

After Rin Sakuragi invites porn stars to play in the movie Sister shampoo, Maxima Pictures film company now invites esek-esek movie star Sora Aoi movies Sister shampoo 2. Then what is the reason the Maxima invites Japanese porn star return to play in the movie?

"I do not agree that Sora is still called a porn star. Sora was also the same as Maria Ozawa (Miyabi), he's a former porn star. Now Sora is no longer playing a porn movie. Sora never played drama in Thailand. You can check yourself. So , we invite former porn star, "said Ody Mulya producer of the Maxima, was quoted as saying Tribunnews in Jakarta, Wednesday (03/30/2011).

So far, Ody Mulya still keep the content and the way the story from the movie Sister shampoo 2 which will be starring Sora is. "If it is, we see the movie just deh. If it's new movie may be considered," said Ody Mulya.

Ody said, the process of cultivating their own films now started production. Sora Aoi was already in the country for a month to shoot the film. "It's been a month ago. We're shooting in the Greater Jakarta area, in Puncak Bogor,"said Ody Mulya.

Previously, Ody also been involved in the film Chasing Miyabi Miyabi, which could make a din and demonstrations everywhere. The reason, of course, because the image of Miyabi as a porn star. Its presence is considered a component of the community fear it would damage the morale of the nation's children.

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