Rossi Must pay dearly for all his gambling

Wayne Gardner, world champion in the 500cc class in 1987, to comment on the condition of Valentino Rossi. According to him, "The Doctor" have to pay dearly for gambling was doing by not immediately undergo shoulder surgery.
Rossi, seven times MotoGP world champion, suffered an accident caused disturbance in his shoulder during training motocros early 2010. Originally, the injury is considered trivial. But in its development, which suffered ligament damage does not go away so he had to fight against pain in the shoulder, and even his condition worsened with a broken bone in his foot injury during practice at Mugello.
Gambling Rossi did not stop there. Felt able to complete the competition last season, 32-year-old driver was reckless appear at all the last series and led to the opportunity to conduct tests after the series pamungkasi Ducati in Valencia, in early November.
After that, nine times world champion motor racing is willing to increase the operating table to heal the injury. Apparently, he had to pay dearly with his decision to suspend operations, because until the beginning of this 2011 season, conditions are still not 100 percent fit. Evidently, the inaugural MotoGP series in 2011 in Qatar, 20 March, Rossi is not competitive and slumped on the order of seven.
According to Gardner, Rossi had to accept because gambling is conducted.
"The reason (Rossi) chose to continue (the race rather than ride the operating table) is more to his desire to test the Ducati at Valencia last November," Gardner wrote in a weekly overview
"With the testing that accompanied the pain, this nine-time world champions also face constraints on the major design errors Desmosedici. This is what makes him trouble.
"For Rossi, the sacrifice to delay the operation so that there are a total reconfiguration of the motor to start the 2011 season. But that is obtained, the motor looks almost the same as last year. If you look at the record time in Qatar, you could argue that it's really bad .
"Because of his star recruit in the state of injury and the motor is not good, it becomes a more complete disaster. I can see that there was no significant benefit for Rossi, who is delaying surgery to test the motor at the end of last year."
After appearing in Qatar, Rossi and Ducati team prepare for a second series in Jerez this weekend. Former Honda and Yamaha rider is hoping, at Jerez they can reap better results, because the characteristics of the two series track is not too difficult even though the injury has not recovered.

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