Bananas Can Be Car Component Materials

Eco car in the minds of the world automotive industry today is the environmentally friendly cars with exhaust emissions extremely low. Even the expected emissions that reached the zero point by relying on electric motors. However, Brazil has another definition in view of the vehicle "green".
This is as shown Alcides Leao through his car with a body resembling a banana. In terms of safety, the car was clearly not qualified. However, the mission that he conveyed was the fruit can be used as ingredients in the vehicle.
In his research on the eco car, he said that was not only environmentally friendly cars is highlighted from the engine side, but also related to plastic materials in cars that can be replaced with fruit as the base ingredients. This is because the fruits, by Leao, containing nano-cellulose fibers whose quality is stronger than plastic.
Advantages wearing plastic bananas than usual, according to the results of his studies, is to have a greater resistance from damage, either due to heat, gasoline, water, and oxygen. Not only that, even more light weight, strength three to four times, and he is very eco-friendly.
University of Warwick in England had already tried to use fruits that are practiced in F3 racing car. Fuel using vegetable materials, steering wheel with the basic ingredients carrot, and the body of the potato.
"For purely as a green car, we focus only replaces the plastic," said Leao. However, in the future, he added, maybe they will swap the parts of steel or aluminum with nano-cellulose.
Unfortunately, Leao not reveal, how much is spent on bananas, for example, make a dash.

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